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This episode we are gonna kick things off with a BANG as I talk about my thoughts on the Anime & it’s potential influence on the Movie Industry with creator Korey Coleman….granted this is an exert from the new years eve call-in show but never the less it was an interesting conversation and I felt it was appropriate to add it in this episode.

Next myself & The Old Boy talk about the Killer franchise which is Ichi…Manga..Anime & the live action movie.

Then we have the talented EriksBlue here helping me review and discuss the much talked about Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Anime series. To spice things up a little I decided to also include another apt podcast snippet this time from the LEOG where they also discussed P&S.

And sadly because our dear dear Nuansay was feeling ill we’ll have to leave our discussion on Soul Eater for later…….Bummer :-(

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Happy holidays to all the listeners, viewers’ / followers, Spillios & Tyros. It is I Donwun

This week we have another anime review roundup episode with your favourite tyrocasters Nuansay..Onelife…..Oldb…..erm okay maybe not your favourite but hey we are still doin our thang.

Review 1 - BAKUMAN (SHLT) (03:23)

Review 2 - Legend of The Galactic Heroes (21:26)

Review 3 - RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne (45:49)

Review 4 - Akagi (1:18:50)

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Yes war folks it’s time me and Nuansay drop this heavy load of war-themed anime and movies stuff on your tyro ears…why..why you may ask well mostly because lately I’ve gained an interest in world history and things of such nature so why not share my experiences and thoughts…I mean isn’t that what Xmas is all about sharing and carnage…erm I mean caring……welll yeah…I guess

Anyhow I am sure you guys have all read my recent Barefoot Gen review– well we discuss that a little in this episode as well as two other excellent WWII anime movies. Who’s Left Behind & the famed Grave of the fireflies.

Later in the cast I talk about my personal knowledge (and lack there of) regarding history and how the hell someone as careless as I even became interested in something many people could really give two shits about.

Of course there are tons of honourable mentions which I will list below for those of you who may be interested in some of the things you hear on the podcast.


Next episode I’ll talk about cuter things like the Muppets and tiny Tim’s adventures on

Does’nt that sound like fun…eh…eh…

Anime Honourable Mentions

Zipang – which we strangely forgot to talk about. A great WHAT IF anime about WWII Gundam Universe – Too many to talk about Legend of The Galactic Heroes – Review Coming Soon ROBOTECH / MACROSS - Classic Crest / Banner of The Stars – Pretty Good Hetalia: Axis Powers - Interesting...

Documentaries and other Honourable Mentions

Zeitgeist 1-3 (Watch Online fore free here) – A personal favourite but be warned it may offend The Great War – WWI Documentary World at War – WWII Documentary The Boy With The Striped Pyjama’s – Damn you Nuansay!

Seasons Greetings to All - Send all complaints to Oldboy

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Ok so today we are cleaning up on this episode...for our new listeners and our beloved 2 subscribers we have put some of our older anime review projects together so none of our precious material is wasted.

I will apologise for the audio quality of these episodes as it is a mix of different podcasts recorded in different audio qualitys which is quite imnpossible to balance out now.

Big shoutout to all the podcasters who have come, gone and stayed throught this project so far.

I did however re-edit all these reviews to be shorter so you people can just get the good stuff, so without further ado lets start the Anime review roundup….starting with

Higurashi Seasons 1 & 2 (02:26)

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Seasons 1 & 2 (23:47)

Darker Than Black Seasons 1 & 2 & OVA (47:45)

D.Gray Man (01:19:52)

wacka wacka

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Yes Goddammit we are BACK!
This time we are coming at ya with our first SPECIAL episode dedicated to a somewot popular franchise GANTZ which is sometimes referred to as “The Game of Death”
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