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CineFix showed a good gesture of faith replying to my comment directly on the video on this - i have confidence this is the beginning for something even better tnan before
4 days ago
Donwun commented on No_name_here's article Anime Vice Transforms.
Hey it's business as sad as things like this can be, i had a feeling something like this would happen after the sister site Screened folded and thats a much more popular medium base. I am surprised and glad however you guys got to keep the Anime Vice brand and am trying to transfer some of the backlog... that is cool and respectable... as well as giving people a decent ...
4 days, 10 hours ago
Absolutely awesome video there - glad your lengthly Akira manga breakdown review / knowledge came into play for such an awesome collabo... makes me happy for the future for you guys... very well done
4 days, 11 hours ago
Yeah what can i say… in the episode the philosophy is delivered very poorly and it keeps beating you over the head and just does not match the consistency it had from the source.The real problem in this show has really been how they have handled Shinichi - in the manga version his personality and motivation is more consistent and he always has a much more verbal say in his ...
4 days, 21 hours ago
Hey man... i'm a big fan of y'alls commentary on the anime industry, reviews and such since 2011 and glad i found the site and the youtube channel. Keep doing your thang guys and congrats!
1 week, 2 days ago
well... i mean, i actually liked this episode but again i'm just seeing it from the manga's perspective in a sense because the anime version has really not built up or executed this properly at all so it does come off as just all over the place and rushed in terms of schin's motivations... i could go in detail but thats just too much right now.... bottom line is this ...
1 week, 4 days ago
haha... you know what Sammy boy... i think you need to take up a side career in fortune telling if you get my lingo - your predictions are very very interesting :)I don't have much to say after my thoughts on ep 22 so i'm gonna wait until you guys do your final vids on this to share our final thoughts - looking forward to those vidsand Tom the sex ...
2 weeks, 4 days ago
lol... that picture is kinda funny and scary... i mean... they almost make any anime beast girl look attractive but this time i would really be shi**ing myself if i had to live with thatI really don't even know how he would get with that in the sac.... and i'm sure there is some crazy sexy antics going on in the story >_<
2 weeks, 4 days ago
This episode is not only a perfect example of how horrible the pacing has been recently but again, from reading the manga this episode is actually the most disappointing of all because ALL of the built up strategy and suspense is squandered and condensed into the first 8 minutes.... scratch that... guys, the whole first 5 mins with schin and migi in the car planning and driving away from gotou ...
2 weeks, 4 days ago
Well, pretty much like you say Sam this show can be excused for the supposed shark jumping Tom mentioned because it's a natural occurrence in graphic novel or comic / cartoon / anime stories - where i can see it bothering tom and others is when a story is being written very well and some element dips to those tactics in an obviously less consistent manner in terms of writing ...
2 weeks, 5 days ago
Check out our YouTube Channel for media reviews -
2 weeks, 6 days ago
3 weeks, 2 days ago
Yup.... sorry Tom it was not a dream... it was really just terrible to see how that encounter came about and in the manga form it was actually more rushed with even less discussion before they hit the sackThe whole relationship with these two has been extremely undeveloped and just...dry. The show would have been much better if he was actually just not involoved with anybody or if she possibly ...
3 weeks, 4 days ago
lol... c'mon now.... just make an alternate universe Dragonball story ffsthis franchise is just lolz upon lolz... it's just a parody of itself now... which is not 100% bad but it's just kinda ... pitiful
3 weeks, 6 days ago
whew... glad they didn't super speed through this part of the manga... the next episode will be just as good as this oneYeah, again once we focus on anyone but the protagonist we get a very decisive and straight to the point episode.. and i guess it's because all the other characters have those clear motivations and plans in what they want to doNot saying Shinichi waffling around for the ...
1 month ago
Donwun completed the I'm with Them quest.
Pretty easy. Find some people on the site you're interested in and follow them.
1 month ago
What an appropriate conversation... the decline of the *fun* / interesting english dubs ... i had this exact conversation on Skype a few months ago with an otaku buddy about how recent English dubs have become more faithful to the actual Japanese script with less fun embellishment and region localisation... which is actually leading most fans to feel dubs are not as special as they used to be and people ...
1 month ago
Yeah, that was a mammoth write up... and well constructedPretty much agree with everything Yusuke52 wrote there but i'm a lil less forgiving than most and that's probably due to the overwhelming majority claiming Korra is not only better than The Last Airbender but also not wanting to hear any constructive criticism or seeing anything wrong with it at all... glad to see you guys are not like thatThe ending ...
1 month ago
Oh and for the record i loved the original Avatar The Last Airbender Series and thought Korra turned out to be an over ambitious mess .....a very unpopular opinion i shared on YouTube if anyone cares to see it
1 month ago
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