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My Five Favorite Anime Characters That Don't Blow Stuff Up
It would be easy enough to list characters I liked that spend more time kicking ass with a sword or shooting fools with a gun, but to be perfectly honest I am really not a fan of most of those kinds of characters. I prefer characters that aren't always getting into fights or what-have-you. Which is why I decided to make this list. It is a list containing five of my favorite characters. None of which have, to my knowledge, messed a dude up something fierce. You can interpret this as my top five favorite anime characters in general, and while a character or two might bleed into that list it is not my intention for that to be the case. Anyhoo, let's get down to it.
1. Toshiya Satou

Sato Toshiya has been in the series, Major, for nearly as long as the protagonist, Goro, but if the show was focused on Sato rather than Goro I would have absolutely no problem with it simply because Sato is, for my money, the best character on the show and one of my favorite characters in general. Like so many characters in the show, Toshiya owes most of what he has to his interactions with Goro. What makes him a better character than these others is how he used his time with Goro and used it to make himself better. Like a good rival, Toshiya knows that he is thankful to Goro but also knows that he shouldn't let their history get in the way of their battles. Even though they are often on opposing teams, there exists a camaraderie between them. They respect one another while thinking of ways to defeat each other. Many reasons why I consider seasons 2 and 5 of Major to be the best seasons have to do with the focus those seasons have on Goro and Toshiya's relationship. Like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, you really see their friendship develop over the long time span the show has. Their friendship and rivalry is one of the best and even though the show focuses on Goro, whenever the two duke it out I am always rooting for Sato Toshiya.

2. Goro Shigeno

It may seem like a cop out to have two characters from the same series on this list, but that is a testament to the characters of the show. Major is far and away my favorite anime series and it is thanks in part to this guy right here. Goro has all the traits you would expect from a shonen hero, except for the fact that instead of having some jutsu or some bankai or whatever, his weapon of choice is a fastball. I admire Goro for the sheer fact that his entire philosophy is based around making the impossible happen. Which, I suppose, is a trait that most shonen heroes have. But the manner in which Goro does it is what sets him apart in my mind. Whether it is playing baseball on a broken foot or challenging the best baseball players in the world with nothing other than a bat-breaking fastball, he always does it his own way and with his own flair. There is one thing that keeps Goro from being my favorite character and that is the existence of someone else...

3. Kana Minami

I found Minami-ke to be wonderfully idiosyncratic. Had Lucky Star been more like Minami-ke (as in actually funny and charming) perhaps I wouldn't hate it as much. But this isn't about the show, it's about Kana the middle of the Minami sisters. She is also the best of the three simply because of her personality. I felt that Kana was the most realized of the sisters with Chiaki in second. There was never really any time for Haruka to get the spotlight; and I am perfectly okay with that. Kana's interactions with Chiaki and Makoto and basically every other character are what makes her character work. When she is around, every other character becomes the comedic straight man to her wacky antics. Yet she can also show signs of maturity when she realizes when she has crossed lines or when she feels remorse. That is if she's not setting you up for a fantastic prank. I AM BOSS!

4. Yuhei Azuma

Cross Game was one of my favorite shows of the 2009 season thanks in large part to the wonderful animation, the beautiful music, and the engaging story and colorful cast of characters. While the story of Koh and Aoba was really the main focus, I was always more drawn to Yuhei's character. He was a much more interesting person, in my mind, than any of the other characters in the show. I was always waiting for an episode focusing solely on him; but even lacking that he still had a wide range of development that is often sorely missing with supporting characters. There's lots to hate about Yuhei, but there's also a lot to like about him, especially when it comes to his past and his interactions with Aoba and Junpei.

5. Yukio Tanaka

Yukio was a character I could identify with, at least at the start, namely the parts where he wondered what he would be remembered for. I enjoyed BECK the most when it was just Yukio being a kid and growing up with the band forming the backdrop. By the end of the series it felt like I had known Yukio all my life, and that, to me, is a sign of a well developed character. One of the most powerful moments of the series for me is when Yukio goes on stage alone and begins to play I've Got A Feeling in front of an anxious crowd in the pouring rain. It was in that moment that Yukio's character arc came full circle and what solidified his position on this list.

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