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Not so much a drunkblog (be safe, Zombiepie) as this is a very late blog. Listening to this song may be helping set the mood. Also, Italian Spiderman.
Where was I? Oh yeah...I've found a couple of charts from this blog. There is no way in hell any functioning human is going to watch all of them, even if you wanted to (and you shouldn't). So I'm going to come up with previews in a couple of sentences that explain my basic thoughts on various shows. Interpret them as you wish. Or don't. Whatever.
  • Moshidara -- Girl buys Peter Drucker's management book and uses it to rally her baseball team. Production IG is involved in this.
  • Kampfer fur die Liebe (roughly "Kampfer fight for Love") -- two episodes of epilogue for the genderbending-fanservice series with the dumbest male lead in any series ever.
  • X-MEN -- Madhouse adaptation #3 of a Marvel franchise. Iron Man was boring, but Wolvering wasn't bad. Let's see how this one turns out.
  • Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream -- I dunno...some magical girl stage show? Maybe it's like little kids training for a strip club? Fuck you Japan.
  • Dog Days -- The hero is named Sink and he's a junior high kid saving a princess from...tell Sink to gb2kitchen. GEE ISNT I CLEHVERRRR?
  • Tiger & Bunny -- Superhero reality show meta thing...could be good maybe?
  • Nichijou -- LOLRANDOM HUMOR that's all I know about this thing.
  • Beyblade -- A SHOW ABOUT FUCKING SPINNING TOPS AND KIDS SHOUTING AT EACH OTHER FOR THEM! Is Haim Saban still around? I want to pitch my idea for a show about a young Jewish boy who yells at his custom-painted dreidel until it lands on the gimel and he beats the undead spirit of the ancient Greek armies in a game.
  • Toriko -- a shonen take on food.
  • Hanasaku Iroha -- Slice of life, maybe some light humor about a girl who works at her parents inn.
  • Gintama -- yep it got another season
  • Sengoku Otome -- I'm gonna say that this show will be like this season's Samurai Girls, which was last season's Ikkitousen. Basically expect loads of fanservice with some yuri undertones and with thin coat of Japanese legend painted on top so you can convince yourself this isn't a waste of time when it really is. PS: it is based on a pachinko game. You know what the last one was? That's right.
  • Tono to Issou -- based on a 4koma set in the Sengoku period. So...historical humor?
  • Kaiji -- I should really read the manga one of these days. Something about a legendary gambler.
  • Steins;gate -- semicolon abuse alone makes it tough to recommend watching this. Something about sci-fi and time travel and what might be a spiritual sequel to Chaos Head but I have no clue what that show was about.
  • SKET DANCE -- you already know whether or not you are watching this one depending on liking the manga or not.
  • Hyouge Mono -- Some Bee Train exec thought that their stories just weren't boring enough, so they decided to make a big series based on tea ceremony set in the Sengoku period. FUCKING TEA CEREMONY.
  • Hidan no Aria -- the manga was a tsundere girl yelling at everything while a high-school boy saves the day or some shit. I don't expect the anime will be any different.
  • Sofuteni -- something about tennis that will be interspersed with panty shots because Japan hates you that much.
  • Maria Holic S2 -- Fuck you Japan.
  • Seikon no Qwaser S2 -- Just...fuck you. I am not going to watch this shit again...
  • Lotte's Toy -- ...okay fine, YOU RUINED THIS WHOLE SEASON! I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!
  • Appleseed XIII -- Wait, I liked this one. Okay, I guess you're not all least not yet.
  • Deadman Wonderland -- The cast that looks verrrrry familiar to that of Eureka 7 locked in a hellish prison? Sign me up.
  • [C] -- I am intrigued, though this one sounds like Yu-Gi-Oh! with gratuitous economic language thrown in.
This is not a complete list, as doing such at this time will kill me. I reserve the right to edit this later if there are any that intrigue me.
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