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Of course, we know that none of you are participating in illegal downloading and/or streaming of anime right? Because Funimation was providing a legal avenue for you to view the new show Fractale through its site. However, the production committee behind it has yanked the streaming rights from Funimation after its pilot episode. So sayeth ANN:

According to Funimation representatives, the committee requested that Funimation eliminates unauthorized videos of the anime on the Internet — including streaming sites, file-sharing networks, and file servers — before its simulcast will be allowed to continue. As a result, there will not be a simulcast of the second Fractale episode tomorrow, and the rest of the series' simulcast is on indefinite hold. 

Get that, you little un-Japanese punks on these internets? Until Funimation stops anyone from pirating all anime everywhere, Fractale will not be touched by your unclean eyes! Because everyone knows that if you want people to watch a show where it can be found legally, you remove the only safe, legal avenue they have. Of course this will not cause curious viewers to use the Google and find other malware-laden sites that are streaming it for free or download a fansubbed version at all, because...well, they're working on that part.
There are only two explanations for this weird turn of events: Either they wanted an excuse to use against simulcasting shows and they decided to make one of their own out of spite, or they really are naive enough to think that Funimation can take down all the illegal streaming and uploading internet sites by themselves. Whatever the answer, my point still remains that this is a very, very stupid move if they wanted to let this show find a bigger audience.
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