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Okay, that last list of mine was horrible, so let's attempt to do something a little less full of crap here. The following list is a basic summary of the various shows that are coming up this season, in alphabetical order. The summaries will probably be very subjective, you have been warned.
Mods? Interns? If you are reading this, you guys need to do a better season preview than I'm doing right now, because the quality of this list is going to fluctuate wildly with the subject matter.
Everyone else, if you see a bullet point that doesn't begin with a link (or even a few that do), there is no wiki entry for that particular series. Please prove me wrong on this one guys, and help me fill out some new series and/or franchises!   
EDIT: List has been updated with pictures and spacing to make it a little more readable. Thanks for the front page!
What you should be watching instead of 85% of this list.
What you should be watching instead of 85% of this list.

  • Appleseed XIII (6/02): Yet another retelling of Masamune Shirow's Appleseed manga featuring futuristic cyborgs and androids with Greek names. Like the movies, there will be lots of CGI involved. Hope this will be good, but I don't know. Not many big names working on this one that I can see. Production IG is behind the production in some capacity, and Maaya Sakamoto is voicing Deunan I think.
  • BakaTest Season 2 (7/07): The first season was a sleeper hit and a surprisingly funny comedy for a light novel adaptation. A class full of idiots tries to rebel against their smarter peers, by engaging in battles with little summoned Beings/Beasts. Also features a certain legendary trap character. Directed by Shin Oonuma, who used to work at SHAFT and did the first season of this show.

  • Blade (7/01): The last of Madhouse's adaptations of Marvel comic characters. Blade travels to Southeast Asia (Japan and/or Vietnam) to fight some vampires. Will probably be "okay" and forgettable, but for those of you who get G4 on your TV, the show's been licensed by the network (along with the other Marvel adaptations) so even if you miss the first run and you really really want to see the show don't worry about it.

  • Blood-C (7/07): A collaboration between IG and CLAMP. Don't know where this falls in the canon of the franchise, but it will probably be better than Blade if hot vampire-on-vampire action anime is your thing. Nana Mizuki will be voicing Saya.

  • Bunny Drop (7/07): Adaptation of a josei manga where a 30 year old bachelor tries to raise a young daughter by himself. Most of you are planning to run at this description, but this story is actually a serious look at the subject. If you're in the mood for a slice of life show, then check this one out.

  • Dantalian no Shoka (7/15): Mystery light novel adaptation by GAINAX. Young ex-pilot from The War (WWI, maybe?) returns home to find his grandpa is dead and left him a giant mansion full of books. Also, there's something about a gothic lolita and "Phantom Books" that he has to...collect? Destroy? I'm not sure. I'm hoping against hope that it will be a pleasant surprise like that other book-filled show none of you watched (but you should). Then again, it's GAINAX.

  • Double-J (6/28): "Life in a high school full of cute girls." Sounds like generic crap, right? On the other hand: the manga this show is based off of was written by the same person behind Cromartie High School, so maybe it'll actually be amazing? Let us pray it is so.
    Here's where the FBI breaks down your door.
    Here's where the FBI breaks down your door.

  • Idolm@ster (7/07): Based off an XBOX 360 game franchise (Japan only, sorry guys) about a young guy who manages fake J-pop idols. Will probably be as bad and creepy as it sounds.

  • Ikoku Meiro no Croisee (7/??): Seems to be Gosick with less murder mystery and more romantic wish-fulfillment. Even set around the same time period and country (though real-France instead of faux-France). The show is being written by the talented Jun'ichi Saito, so it could turn out very good.

  • Kaito Tenshi Twin Angel (7/04): Magical girl anime, and this one also has characters from a pachinko machine. You figure it out.

  • Kamisama Dolls (7/05): Based on a manga, a series involving murderous dolls and the ancient clan that controls them. When one of them goes off the reservation, an estranged college student is dragged back into the conflict he tried to escape. Brain's Base is behind the production, so maybe it'll be a pleasant surprise.

 If a NEET is self-employed, is she still a NEET?
 If a NEET is self-employed, is she still a NEET?
  • Kamisama no Memochou (7/02): Mystery light novel adaptation about an Ordinary High School Student who acts as assistant for a reclusive NEET detective. This one is my sight-unseen pick of the season, and I hope I'm right about this one, but prepared for disappointment.

  • Manyuu Hikenchou (??): If there's one thing you can say about this show, they actually bought the domain name "oppaidaisuki" ("I love breasts" in Japanese), so they aren't bothering to hide the only reason some folks will watch this show. If you really want to know the plot: alternate-history Japan where bigger breasts = bigger status, and the warrior who was heir to the secret of that power has decided to fight for equality among various-sized women instead. I'm done filling out entries for horrible fanservice shows, one of you will have to bite the bullet and do the wiki-ing this time.

  • Mayo Chiki! (7/07): Ordinary High School boy finds out a butler of a rich classmate at school is actually a cross-dressing girl. Directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi who also did the anime adaptations of Nyan Koi! and Sket Dance. Looks to be another shitty harem/fanservice series. Might make a few "guilty pleasure" lists, but I probably won't bother with it.

  • Morita-san wa Mikuchi (7/05): Another manga adaptation about four girls doing things. One of them is a quiet girl who, with the power of friendship, will become less quiet. I guess. Not planning to watch it.

  • Natsume Yuujin Chou San (7/04): Season 3 of supernatural adventure series with a boy and his demon mentor. Solid show directed by the same guy who directed the anime of Baccano!, Durarara!! and Princess Jellyfish.

  • Nekogami Yaoyorozu (7/09): Tiny catgirl-god antics in an antique shop. One of the Whiskey interns posted a trailer about it. I dunno anything beyond that, nor do I really care.

  • No. 6 (7/07): Sci-fi tale by BONES, based off a light novel, will air on the noitaminA block. A wealthy boy rescues a wounded homeless boy, but later discovers that the "perfect" city called No. 6 might not be as perfect as it seems when he is forced to run for his life. Might contain some yaoi undertones, but from what I've seen the story seems like The Giver meets 1984. If you don't know what those titles are, read a book once in awhile.

  • Nurarihyon No Mago S2 (??): Ordinary High School boy is secretly a powerful youkai who wants to live a normal life. Also known as "Nura, Rise of the Yokai Clan." A Shonen Jump production. Someone help me fill in the blanks here.
  • Nyanpire the Animation (7/06): A stray black cat is given blood from a vampire. Hilarity ensues, I guess? All I know about this one is that it is made by GONZO. Also, the preview image leaves itself open for a Date MEOW-samune joke, followed by Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Basara fans beating me to death with a replica sword.

 It's like Charlie Bartlet, but with more dirty jokes
 It's like Charlie Bartlet, but with more dirty jokes
  • R-15 (7/09): Teenage ero-novelist somehow manages to get into a school famous for smart people. I expect it will be horrible, but if we're lucky it could be a tongue-in-cheek surprise. Assume the worst until proven otherwise.

  • Ro-Kyu-Bu: An athletic girl joins a boys high-school basketball team, but decides to coach an even younger team when the former team is suspended due to the coach being a pedophile. The only thing going for this is the same light novel writer did Ookami-san. Otherwise, it just sounds creepy as fuck.

  • Sacred Seven (7/02): Described as "new school battle action" project where "people's memories change the world!" I have no idea what this show will be about outside of this tagline and this trailerProbably will be forgettable, but again, I hope to be proven wrong. The writer behind this also worked on Speed Grapher, one of the few Gonzo shows that was actually kind of good.

  • Uta-no Prince-sama (7/02): Reverse harem comedy where a girl goes to art school with several boys. Anyone wanna take a crack at it? Because I probably won't.

  • Yuru Yuri (7/04): Yet another manga adaptation about four girls doing girly things, but this one has more yuri subtext than the others. So probably a bit more creepy than K-ON!
Also, there's word of a Last Exile sequel that was supposed to come out this summer, but outside of a trailer and some internet rumors nothing's confirmed yet. The only confirmed date I can find is that it will be broadcast this year, or this could be just one hell of a troll that the remnants of GONZO are pulling on everyone.

Here are some OVAs to watch for:

  • Sengoku Basara: The Last Party (6/04) -- seriously? No one filled in the second season on the wiki?
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos (7/02) -- based off of Brotherhood. Just pray that it will be better than Shamballa.
  • Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail (6/22) -- Part 5 of 5, the last OVA depicting the "El Baile de la Muerte" arc. Still waiting for an official 12-ep season.
  • Valkyria Chronicles 3 (6/29) -- First of a two-parter based on the upcoming video game sequel.
  • Pokemon Best Wishes! (7/16) -- Technically two different movies being released at once, much like the games, hoping to suck extra money out of your wallet by making exclusive Pokemon in each one. You pokefans out there will buy them both anyway. Don't deny it.
If you folks notice anything particularly missing, please let me know and I will try to edit some information in. If you just want to whine or complain that some parts of this are incomplete, keep in mind that a) I don't know everything about these series and b) I'm not getting paid to write this stuff, so do a better job yourself or look up the tens of other charts that have more info and less snark than I've posted here.
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