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 After making a bit of an asshole of myself in the forums again, I've decided to try fostering some of that discussion I keep bitching about, this time on a random show-to-be.

As some of you might know, spring season anime are slowly being leaked. I know it's a bit early for those of you still digging yourselves out from the cruel snow-mageddon for thoughts of birds, bees, flowers and allergies, but the wheel of fate keeps on turning, the panties keep on flashing, and the animators of a tiny nation keep on producing weird cartoons. Weird for different reasons, yes, but still...

Oops, getting too far off track. Anyways, I feel like talking about a little preview of a show I've stumbled across on this spring preview chart put out by chartfag recently. The show is called Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou, a show based off a manga which itself was based off a novel I will probably never read unless someone does the grunt work of translating it or I learn more than a few phrases of Japanese.

Based on what little I've seen of the manga, it looks interesting, but not quite new and radical. The story premise is thus: an orphan boy named Sai Akuto (or Akuto Sai? Can't remember which came first), raised by the church, is on his way to a slightly high-tech Hogwarts school called Constantin Magical Academy. He even meets a nice girl on the train who will become a giant tomboyish love interest later. However, when brought before the Sorting Hat...err, large crow who gives out career aptitude tests on his first day, the crow declares that he is destined to become the Maou, a.k.a. the "Demon King."

 Of course, that doesn't look evil at all...
 Of course, that doesn't look evil at all...

As you might guess, this kind of scares the crap out of Sai, because he was raised in a Church and planned to become a great priest and help people, whereas this Maou character was infamous for destroying a good chunk of the world before he was finally brought down. So for the rest of the story (at least what I've read), Sai is essentially running around and trying to prove to anyone he can that he's not going to become this incredibly evil guy in the future. As you might guess, most of his attempts only end up digging that hole deeper.
Along the way, this Sai kid builds up something of a posse (I'm tempted to say "harem" but I'm not ready to call it one yet. Chances are I will end up doing it anyway soon). There's the aforementioned violent girl with the magical wooden sword. There's a red-haired girl named Kena with the ability to turn things invisible and has a real interest in everything about rice (seriously). There's a private detective girl who happens to be a robot (don't ask me how this is possible), a little boy who only seems to be there because Sai saved him from bullies, a witch with a talking hat, and a large-breasted popular girl who just might be the one to steer Sai towards becoming the Maou for her own goals (possibly involving her brother's head in a jar...ick).
 The future harem of evil. Act now, and you get one free servant boy with purchase!
 The future harem of evil. Act now, and you get one free servant boy with purchase!

Based on what I've seen from the preview, and the fact that the manga appears in Champion Red magazine, I can predict that there will be a lot more overt fanservice than you might expect from this show (what am I saying? Of course I expect it!). Clothes will get ripped, tentacle monsters will be accidentally (or intentionally?) summoned, and things will have a way of working themselves out as Sai tries to find some way, any way he can to escape from his fate as the next Demon King. It seems like Zero no Tsukaima in reverse, and that's why I'm kind of interested in it.

So tell me, those of you reading this: what are the odds this will become just another forgettable fantasy anime? Does it already sound like a clone of another show, and if so, which one(s)? And how much fanservice do you think they will roll out within the first episode? My money's on "every three minutes."

Also, for those who might have missed it, a preview trailer of the anime was released quite recently:
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