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I looked upon Queen's Brade episodes within Anime Vice, and though one lone soldier did the duty of grabbing several screenshots for our benefit, none would dare post a summary after the first ep. hit.

I did what no one else would do, out of sheer boredom and loathing and the fact that I've got a brand new internship that pays nothing waiting for me tomorrow: I filled those episode summaries of Queen's Brade. I did it. Me. And as they slowly ate away at my sanity I found that I just couldn't take them seriously. So I decided that if this show was going to drag my brain down into the utter abyss, I was going to take it down with me.

Hopefully you enjoyed summaries 3-6 (ep #2 was lame, and therefore doesn't count). I swear, I'm going to see this through to the end if no one else will take up the burden from this point. And then I am going to take a very, very long shower to cleanse myself of this pure, distilled awfulness.
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