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For those of you who have or know someone who happens to have this channel on their cable/satellite/FiOS box it seems the FUNimation channel is revamping their usual lineup to include some new shows and a newish look starting August 30 (tomorrow from date of writing). So those who want to see English-dubbed anime on their TV (who haven't already found it on Hulu or other sites) will now have some more shows to see than endless reruns of Solty Rei or Ouran Host Club.
Among the new shows being broadcast: 
Axis Powers Hetalia
D.Gray Man
Darker Than Black
Devil May Cry 
Samurai 7
Soul Eater
Slayers Revolution/ Evolution-R
So yeah...those who want another option to legally watch the dubs of these series without paying extra, there ya go.
Did I just give them free advertising? Fuck. I guess I could also add here that there are a few series in that list that I wouldn't touch with a long stick, but I'll let you figure out which ones they are.
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