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Need to rant about something insignificant, might as well do it here...
Okay, it sounded interesting at first: a Haruhi-ish character who was using her powers for good instead of self-interest, slowly gathering up her awesome own student council that would work for the greater good of the school. Okay, fine, I can stomach overly-powerful student councils if only for parody reasons. The problems arise when too much of the focus is on Medaka herself instead of the much more interesting supporting cast. It started out with descriptions of how smart, talented, and strong Medaka was. The problems started arising when Medaka actually became God in all but name. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and at one point she actually balances her entire body on a single waterwing floating in the pool just so she could make a point.
But no chapter illustrates the Mary-Sue-ness of Medaka more than chapter 17 of Medaka Box. To sum it up, her main rival in the school's Discipline Committee or whatever cackled that his subordinates were going to strike down each of her council members/friends when they didn't see it coming. One of them carried a bicycle (yes, a whole bicycle) as a weapon, the second had Wolverine-like claws, and the third had a hidden chain. This could have been a point where all the "good guys" showed off their skills while Medaka proclaimed her confidence, and it would have been enough material to last at least three chapters. But instead, Medaka simply runs so fast that she leaves an afterimage and saves them all with her sheer awesomeness before the chapter ends, while the other students watch and go, "Yeah, that's our Medaka."
Basically, take what you know about The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and think about it for a second. Now imagine if the majority of the story was told from Haruhi's point of view instead of Kyon and the supporting cast. It would not be as good. Why? Because she's (allegedly) GOD. She can do ANYTHING. Everytime she saved the world before the end of the chapter, you would just shrug your shoulders and go "Yeah, so what else is new?" just like the bystanders in Chapter 17 of Medaka Box. I guess my point is if you're going to give a character near godlike power, either focus on his/her supporting cast (because that's where the real drama is) or you better be real damn creative with how you tell the story. Otherwise, it gets boring and predictable to the point where it may be dropped altogether.
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