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The greatest anime, nay, the greatest show of this season, is Queen's Blade. They managed to pack so much utter insanity into the first episode alone that no critic will be able to resist its siren song. What other show can you think of contains the following in its pilot episode:

  • A demonic bunnygirl with small hands formed from her own hair that squeeze her breasts which squirt acid instead of milk?
  • A barbarian woman who dresses her captive in bondage gear...just because she can?
  • A blond-haired princess who really, really likes her sister?
  • An angel who seems to be voiced by the same seiyuu behind the godly Haruhi?
  • A battle preparation montage where putting on one's thong is considered important enough to include?
  • Gigantic Exploding Boobs!

Until you find me a show that can contain all of this in its first episode, I must submit to you that Queen's Blade will be known as the greatest show of this season, and possibly the best anime of all time!
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