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Hello all once again, school is bogging me down so I haven't been able to blog as much as I would have liked, but here we are.

I am Jimmy 'DJTyrant' Blocksom. The name 'DJTyrant' came from starting out as Tyrant (the name of a Star Destroyer in the Star Wars Universe) and DJ as in Disc jockey, influenced by my interest in the music video game beatmania IIDX.

I got into anime around 2002/2003 when a friend got Love Hina and we watched it together. We really enjoyed the series and got into other anime (Golden Boy, Cowboy Bebop) and manga also and eventually ended up at Anime-Expo 2003. My interest in anime was pretty casual at the time and was for a number of years until a friend of mine lent me some Naruto DVDs (bootlegs) and I got sucked into that series. I watched anime kind of off and on from that point, getting Bleach somewhat along the way. Fast forward to Anime-Expo 2007 when I saw the AMV Knights of Fate. After seeing that AMV I absolutely had to own that series, even though I really had no idea what exactly it was based on, or what it was about. So I tracked down Vol. 1 on the convention floor and this really sprung my anime fandom for the next year or so as I made a lot of purchases (mostly DVDs).

Primarally I watch anime any number of ways (that most of you probably watch too).
  • Fansubs: for anime not released in America, or licenceed yet (you should know what site I go to for this ^_^)
  • Crunchyroll/Hulu: for series I am not interested in owning outright, or am curious to see what it's about; or (as in the case with Naruto Shippuuden) watch series that I have been watching via fansubs
  • DVD: a big portion of my anime watching as I have a PS3 and a nice LCD HDTV to watch it on
  • TV: I got cable about a year ago and have been watching SciFi and Adult Swim regularly when they show anime.

There are quite a few series in my watching queue as I am busy with school and work, but I usually find time on the weekends to relax and watch some great anime. Currently I am finishing up Fullmetal Alchemist and will start up Welcome to the NHK after that. Weekly I have been watching Code Geass and Bleach on Adult Swim and Naruto Shippuuden online.

What are you watching currently? What is your favorite way to watch anime? Any series you recommend?

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