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my computer died. i lost all my files. things are still not right with no eta for resolution. sorry... :(
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sometimes when i don't eat my stomach hurts
sometimes when i do eat my stomach hurts
sometimes i think i might have ulcers
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Yeah, you heard me: Japanese Oreos. Go and buy some today from j-list. don't have much of a sweet tooth? No prob, these puppies are less sweet than the domestic (American) version. 18 cookies come in a package and if you have a tall glass of milk, they will be going mighty quickly. I was practically priming my veins! Oreo has released Japanese products before, but these are the best I have had. In fact, I think I need to buy more... NOW!
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I was recently reminded that I have had a curiosity in various ani-zines, particularly in the now-defunct Newtype USA and wondered if it is worth collecting back issues. Everything that I have seen shows that such a task would be expensive and very difficult to achieve. For quite some time I have seen Newtype images floating around the net and thought it was worth looking into, however I don't know if it is financially worth it, i.e. is the magazine that darned good that I should look into hunting down old copies? is any magazine worth that effort? For a person who is constantly online, is a subscription of a currently published ani-zine worth it? I don't really get into hard copy anymore, so I was just wondering how fantastics these things might be...
(feedback would be appreciated)
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some days i get bored of just pouring in the boiling water and eating my ramen as is. some days i get the urge to be creative and add some variety to my ramen. the following includes things i have added to my ramen (not all at the same time): add veggies, such as onions, diced tomatoes, corn, peas, or broccoli. add a can of v8 (tomato/vegetable juice). add a hard-boiled egg. add some slices of meat, chicken, pork, or fish. try cooking with broth and seasonings instead of water and the packet provided. visiting the spice rack can add all sorts of interesting new flavors to ramen.

on an unrelated note, my dog loves ramen. i hold a noodle up for him and he likes to eat it bit by bit until it is gone. i didnt instigate it; he approached me for it!
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If it is done in the right amount and in the right way, it can fetch some rather interesting results- usually positive.
purchase hasn't arrived by eta.
instead of saying to the shipper, "bitch where's my shit at," "you cheated me and i am suing," or " gimme my money back you shyster," try saying "my shipment has not arrived yet and i was wondering if you could verify if/when it was shipped."
someone refutes your beliefs.
instead of saying to the arrogant little so and so, "fuck off, prick," "you're an ignorant little street rat, aren't you," or "your lack of decorum inspires me to drench your lawn in your blood," try saying "I am sorry you feel that way. You might benefit from knowing more."

The above is presented based on recent experiences and what a little tact and diplomacy fetched for results. Usually by not losing your cool, you will find that you benefit from a situation and might even get some support or friends along the way...
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