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You know those shows that you you're always told you'd love.  The shows that are supposed to be right up your alley, right in your wheelhouse, right down your gullet?   Well, apparently, Noein was supposed to be one of those shows.
I attempted to give it a shot when it was on Ani-Monday as a way to wash the funk of Monday Night Raw off.  Unfortunately, I always fell asleep.   Back in 2009, I put Noein in my netflix queue for the first time, and I never got past the 3rd or 4th episode.  This was even before I was gainfully employed with a 40-plus-hour-a-week day job.  Fast forward to today, and the first disc has been sitting in my DVD player for at least a week, and  Disc 2 is going nowhere fast.  I've tried with Noein.  I really have, but a show that I'm supposed to totally be into, I didn't connect with in the least.  Sorry, Noein.  I tried. 
I wonder if this happens to anyone else.  It's a good thing I enjoyed Gundam Unicorn when I saw it, otherwise I'd be worried something was really wrong.
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