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Attractive Lady Folk

I'm doing it for video game characters on Giant Bomb and Actresses over at Screened, but seeing as how i've been watching a fair bit more Anime then I used too I figured I'd do it here as well. Attractive Lady Folk, Anime edition.

1. Tomo Yamanobe
2. Bulma
3. Revy
4. Sylvia van Hossen
5. Maya Natsume
6. Hinata Hyuga
7. Kagero
8. Android 18
9. Mai Shiranui
10. Chun Li
11. Cammy White
12. Misty
13. Faye Valentine
14. Saeko Busujima
15. Korone
16. Satellizer el Bridget
17. Matsu
18. Musubi
19. Jubei Yagyuu
20. Matabei Gotou
21. Kei Kishimoto
22. Sei Sakuraoka
23. Queen's Blade

I did have a lot of individual Queens Blade characters here, but figured I'd save the space and just add the franchise. QB does ladies well, which is good because it's about all it has going for it really.

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