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Okay NOW THAT IS CREEPY!! I swear I did not see this before going to sleep yesterday. o_0
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Lately i`ve been making lots of custom Yu-Gi-Oh cards just for fun like 3 every hour XD
So much that i think its blog worthy again i already made my old blog here
I`ve made 3 gallery`s  to kinda put some order into things XD
so here is my current collection enjoy :)
Pretty much every card in here has either to do with Vice RPG characters or has no place in the other 2 gallery`s
My Kamen Rider Gallery most of them are fails because i forgot to put a Shotaro Ishinomori Copyright on them which is kinda dumb XD anyways i`ve put the Eletro Wave Human Tackle, the Skull Man and the SkullRider in there even though the are not counted a true Riders.
Ishinomori/Toku cards AKA misc, lol im gonna put alot here in the incoming days i love making cards of those classic heroes.
BTW 009 and Ogon Bat do count Ogon Bat has a live-action movie and Joe is a creation of Shotaro Ishinomori.
Also my favorite cards in this gallery are the Kikaida brothers even though they are kinda simple lol

In the next coming months im gonna start with the occasional anime character maybe some more Trap/Spell cards.
And i still do requests btw so if you want one sent me the details and i`ll have it done by the end of the day :)
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