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Okay NOW THAT IS CREEPY!! I swear I did not see this before going to sleep yesterday. o_0
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I dont really go to Youtube to watch random vids about people without lives or (at least interesting ones) XD
No i have regular subscriptions that i check every day through Hotmail so i only really go to Youtube to watch new vids from those people and the occasional music vid ^^ here is my list pretty widespread at least to me also i deleted many old and unnessecery subscriptions that became unactive i`m also discovering that many great people have become inactive over the course of time.

My List:

BlueBeetle43: how else am i gonna watch Batman Brave and the Bold? damn Dutch tv wont broadcast it XD
GhostWatching: one of my favorite paranormal channels also because she`s the only one left XD
Damien225: revieuws Kamen Rider toys
gonbessa001: RIDER WARS!!!
JamesNintendoNerd: AVGN RULES!!!(be sure to check out his newest vids that was added like a hour and a half ago)^^
Mirada23: Misc... toku/anime vids
MostHauntedRules: my first favorite i <3 Most Haunted youtube banned this guy because of well Most Haunted but i refuse to take him of the list XD
raulkant007: He broadcasts the Chinese Armor Hero series to bad it aint subbed in English XD 
Screwattack: Hardnews
NostalgiaCriticFan: Needs i say more? lol
Xander2k5: Best Toku music videos on yuotube pure truth!!
xxBoukeNPrimExx: I added her because we have a commen hate ZAIDO SUCKS!!! >_< and she has the occasional cool toku vid a true fan :)

That`s it XD who are on your list? :)
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