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Okay NOW THAT IS CREEPY!! I swear I did not see this before going to sleep yesterday. o_0
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More then 10 years went by already and i liked it XD
More then 10 years went by already and i liked it XD


Rune Factory is line of spin-off DS games from a Great franchise made by Natsume Harvest Moon.
A long line of enjoyable Farm-Sims which has lots of fun stuff you can do like fishing, farming, mining, taking care of animals and of course marry someone.
Now Rune Factory not only has that but you can also make weapons, fight monsters, and follow a very good storyline that ensures you that you`ll always be busy.
Its set in a nice medieval Fantasy setting as you live in a country called Norad.

Rune Factory 1
Rune Factor 1
Rune Factor 1

In the first game you play as Raguna a boy with amnesia who stumbled on a farm owned by a girl called Mist.
And as you get the farm, name it, and meet the people in town of Kardia you`ll realize that this is kinda fun,
But then it becomes clear that you need to farm and explore the country, Fight/Tame monsters and get stronger before the evil Sechs empire comes to claim you're land.

Rune Factory 2
Rune Factory 2
Rune Factory 2

In the second game you first play a boy named Kyle who has a bit of the same history as Raguna.
As he traveled he walked in the the Rose Square of the town of Alvanna also situated in the country of Norad.
He meets a girl named Mana who instantly shows a little crush on him, suddenly her father Douglas comes running towards you saying that you need to stay away from her.

And as Mana corrects him they Decide that they decide to give you their old unused farm,
In the middle of Alvanna there is a billboard you can use to get a task from a villager this helps you get easy money and adds friendship points to youre chart.
But further a bit the same i got married on the first year (half actually yeah I'm good).
After that you`re wife gets pregnant and sooner or later you`re wife wants you to built a school for the children of the town after you built that you move on to Gen2.

Sorry girls i married Cecillia (4th) so move along XD
Sorry girls i married Cecillia (4th) so move along XD

Kyle suddenly remembers who he is and leaves for the sake of everyone leaving his Daughter/Son to fill his footsteps.
I just started on that part, first i got married to a half elf called Cecillia who is from the town of Kardia ( first game yay :D) 
And now i play my son called Keleth who`s attending school and helps raising money to extend its classes into more expertises.
And the kid also needs to conquer dungeons and battle the high level monsters to find out why his/her dad left in the first place.

I love both of these games i have them both and i plan to play Frontier soon as i have a Wii XD
yep my good old banner XD
yep my good old banner XD

As a big Farm-Sim freak i think they should make a anime out of the 3 games.
 Its has a great plot, the characters are likeable and most of all...............

They already have a good intro :)
Well that`s about all for now soooo if you`ll excuse me.....................
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