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Okay NOW THAT IS CREEPY!! I swear I did not see this before going to sleep yesterday. o_0
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And old fashion ^_^ two of my old time faves
The true first Sentai Mecha/Megazord: Battle Fever Robo


The Super Robo Brave Raideen

Even the toys look equal :)
Even the toys look equal :)
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Then someone who`s like my character Tsuki, and we would hit Japan`s food and toy (Bandai) industry like a Atom Bomb!! lol XD
so either:
Momoka Kawakabe from Touka Gettan
Momoka Kawakabe from Touka Gettan

Chiaki Yoshikawa from Magikano
Chiaki Yoshikawa from Magikano

yep that`s about it ^_^
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I know its a little bit early for the people who prefer the subs but today the last raw ep was uploaded on various websites.

my own resume
I liked the series more then Den-O`s mostly how the 1986/2008 storylines played next to eachother and coming together in the end.
Anyways the last ep was a perfect ending IXA fought Bishop, Wataru and Taiga fought the Bat Fangire. happy ending a marriage And a sudden return of a familiar face in a new role and looking like a nutt btw XD

I hope to see Wataru back as (yes im finally gonna say it) Bishop in DCD
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I copied this from my old blog its a quick checklist of what im gonna try to go through this year mostly on the PC ofcourse ^^
There are old series on the lis and the ones i`ve seen have a +  the ones i liked have 2  the ones i liked the most have 3. :)
Comics i dont know gonna stick with Spidey and gonna drop dark tower this year green lantern is gonna be my 2nd comic.
Anime series im gonna try to watch

Rosario + Vampire 3
Zero No Tukaima 4
Maria-sama ga Miteru 4 ++
To Love Ru 2 (i know never heard of a season 2, but im hoping so much for it and it ended so open :P)
Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou
Mushishi+++ (Still awesome)
Akikan! ++ (started collecting cans)
Ride Back
The Tower of Druaga: sword of Uruk+
Nagasarete Airantou ++
KuroKami+ (Not on Veoh?)
Genji Monogatari Senenki+
Asu no Yoichi! ++ (Same as the manga i hope Yoichi gets some beating soon lol)
Gundam 00++ (I`ve waited to long with starting now i am)
Maria Holic++ (I loved the OP but crossplaying still hard not to laugh)

Tokusatsu series im gonna try and watch

Kamen Rider Decade+++ (all riders get owned by a pink guy what where they thinking?)
woot!! DCD
woot!! DCD

Samurai Sentai Shikenger (ShinkenRed`s awesome sword!!!! 0.0)
Kamen Rider G (Toei`s answer to Duffman XD )
Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker Signa +++ (im finally back to hot girls in spandex season 3!! yay :D)
Wecker Signa
Wecker Signa

Kamen Tenshi Rosseta++ (Faleon punch!!! lol)
Kai Ji Yong shi +++
Changerion+ (Again)
Jiraiya+++ (again)
Zansaber++ (WOW awesome)
Erexion +++ (Only 4 subbed episodes on the net and 0 raws :( )
Blader (why? i dont know XD)

Magazines/comics im gonna buy
Aniway (Dutch)
Power Unlimited (Dutch)
Quest (Dutch)
Shonen Jump

Games to Download
Pokemon Platinum (U)
Harvest Moon Shining Sun and Friends (U) Get to work Rising star
Harvest Moon Wind`s Bazaar (U) if by a miracle it happens to be available darn Rising Star

Misc every cool comic series that comes my way

O hell yes Green Lantern and Spidey unless my comic book store doesnt get them american versions in time again :)
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Two Tokusatsu series i loved very much the sequals of both series are also awesome.
But the originals where way better it will be a sure thing that in the future i will watch them again like 20 times.
Nothing else special to say this is just an excuse to post the vids in a blog XD but they are worth being checked out nothing like Power Rangers. :)


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