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Okay NOW THAT IS CREEPY!! I swear I did not see this before going to sleep yesterday. o_0
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While i am lazy about the story lines of all my characters and due to that i never rp i do think about the powers of my characters cuz its fun to tinker with them.
 I will make Akira and Tetsuo look like wimps
 I will make Akira and Tetsuo look like wimps

Right now Tsuki has the ability to control every cell in her body or better yet every molecule in every cell of her body, and she can just barely control the cells of other people (think Blood Bending) and this is really hard for her. But in the future she will evolve to control all the matter around her with ease. So much so that even the Kami, Demons and other Pantheons are trying to find out what she is and where the hell she came from.
So i was wondering how powerful or skilled is your character gonna be a few decades from present? :)
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Since everyone else seems to be doing it here`s Devilly`s bio in a blog i still working on it so i will update it regularly.
Its was a cold rainy Autumn day when a Oni called Hiroku heard a deafening cry through the forest, while walking down his usual human avoiding path.
He risked his own life by going off the path to search for the source of the sounds.
As he walked towards an opening in the forest the rain and the sound stopped all of a sudden.
There she was under a big age old cherry tree bathing in sunlight, a young girl the only thing Hiroku said was Ningen.
He bowed down and picked the child up and then he roars loudly with the infant softly in his arms.
Which almost makes it look like the legends of his kind where totally true, that they are just dumb savages.
He blows out a stream of hot oxygen out of his nostrils and sighed with his eyes closed. 
He takes one more glance at her before walking off to his home, now their home.

Kazakimo Home
A few hours later on the other side of the mountain region that is the Forgotten Place a wooded area filled with creatures named Yokai.
And almost at the centre on this part of the mountain stands a big age old traditional house now inhabited by the yokai.
The forgotten home of the Kazakimo clan
The forgotten home of the Kazakimo clan
This house was once owned by the Kazakimo clan a ruthless and greedy family who didn't spend anything out of they`re main treasure.
That they hid on a secret location in they`re main house which could only be found by the main members of the house.
The last main member of the clan died of ripe old age more then 300 years ago, by then the yokai already moved in. 
Who took care of the old man through his final days the final wish of this man was for the yokai to hold true to his will with 3 wishes in it.

1 Take care of my clan`s house all of its interior and surroundings till indefinitely.
2 Whoever shall find the treasure let it be a human, beast or yokai may keep all of it and may do with it what he/she/it wants....
3 No one else but the yokai and the people invited by the yokai may enter this house..

And so the yokai kept they`re promise so they could keep the Kazakimo home as a home for many centuries to come.
The house and surroundings are now launched into another plane of existence by a past owner some time ago.
This plane can be accessed by wearing certain necklaces or a wristband this home can also be de-spelled for a few day`s 
The current home owner of this house is Kurizama Sarumai a Yuki Onna.

Tsukino`s youth
Truth be told Hiroku was unable to take care of the child all by himself  so he went to Kurizama for help who said they shall raise her together.
Tsukino at the age of 4 with her first horns
Tsukino at the age of 4 with her first horns
He mainly had to do the cooking since she would melt away if exposed to too much heat and she will take care of the baby`s  and give her home schooling. They named her Tsukino after the much loved past owner a half human half witch who took care of many wounded yokai and animals in the area. And so she grew up eating big meals and superior learning about all there is to learn about being a human being. But on a cold Winters day they soon learned that she wasn't a human by a long shot as they walked to the cradle where the child slept. They discovered that she had a tiny demon-like tail all curled up and small it constantly changed its own colour only to totally disappear the next day. This would have shocked most humans but luckily the yokai understood the situation very well and thought nothing more of it. At the age of 4 she had some issues that almost took her to the brink of death, because her bones would weaken and harden at a fast pace. Bones would come out of her body as hard spikes, she would have massive seizures and she was very sensitive to heat and cold. She would cough up and cry blood at night and she would also have cramps at any time. On a particular day she fell into a coma great mystics from around the region where called to help without prevail.

There she laid for 2 months with her step-family worried sick and sad watching over her at any moment even though they felt there was little hope. But all came well when she got control her powers, and she gained two spiky horns which was reminded by everyone as Oni horns. As explained by Kurizama its because the first person she saw when waking up from the coma was Hiroku which gave her the mental image to form those bony horns.

The treasure
Now 12 Tsukino grew up to be a fearless young girl, For most of the year she takes care of her mother who is forced to hide away in an old refrigerator to keep herself from melting in the hotness of the summer days, most of the time she also cooks and cleans for the Yokai who haunt the mansion. But her father Hiroku who already saw her potential when she got sick at the age of 4 trains her bitterly in her few moments of free time and he let her out into the forest to hunt and survive. Which she needed in order for her to become a warrior.  One day whilst sporting another successfully scare tactic and picking up the money the humans dropped while Sh!ting themselves Tsukino begone to question why they didn`t just profit from the treasure itself. Kurizama told her the truth that they themselves didn't even know where it was. It surely wasn't anywhere near the mansion nor the woods around it. The Yokai though not greedy but more territorial have been searching for the loot themselves for decades now all to no avail. and since the person who owns the treasure also holds the rights to the precious mansion, the yokai have no choice but to keep scaring the humans as far away as possible. But rumours hold strong and the humans keep coming in more numbers to seek out the treasure, this also assures that the yokai might be in trouble even though the are magically rendered invisible because of the magic amulets there`s a big chance that they might be found out just by breathing. So they figured that Tsukino the girl who they raised and mostly looks human could try and travel around the forest to find out where the treasure is.
After leaving the comfort of her home on a what her stepfather called a survival mission, Tsukino travels north to the upper ridges of the mountain side since her father told her that not that she`s more powerful then any of the Yokai living in the area and he had nothing left to teach her, She now needs to travel up the mountain an challenge a Yokai who is the reason that other Yokai stay on the lower slopes of the mountain a Hanadaka-Tengu who acording to Kurizama is quite cranky. Tsukino first tries flying but finds that even though her wings are powerful enough to bend steel, is unable to keep balance because of the wind. So she climbs and climbs till she finds a weird spiral shaped cave which has amulets hanging on the walls like its Christmas decoration. As she tries to enter it she gets blown out by gusts of wind several times even to the point where she almost got blown of the mountain. In a list ditch effort to get in there knowing that the Hanadaka is inside she times the point when the gust stops and tries to fly inside with all her strength. as she made it inside she comes face to face with the Tengu who it turns out was responsible for the gusts of wind, apparently the Tengu snores whilst he sleeps. This was a huge giant 7 meters high so large that Devilly has trouble believing that he even fits trough the exit. She tries several things to wake him up. She puts on her MP3 boxes to the highest volume. She tries to wake him up by pulling his beard, even tries to tickle him. Having failed she got so angry that she accidentally punched the Tengu`s huge red nose. Suddenly she the Tengu wakes up with a huge roar.


Super Strength:
Can lift up to 1000 tons

Heightened senses:
She can see very far and she can also see in the dark.
She can smell better then a pig and she can even feel things coming faster then a cat can.

Super Speed:
She can run up to 80 mph with ease and in flight over 400 mph

Flight: With her wings.

Super Eating: She`s able to stretch her body without side affects and control the acids in her body, meaning she can eat anything she wants with out getting fat.

Immunity: Basically immune to all poisons and alcohol
Total molecular control
Meaning that she can control her cells to the point that she can change her skin, eye colour, voice, bones, muscles, and hair.
And also the cells of other beings via a move called Blood-Burst: This allows Devilly to control the blood and even other cells of someone else for some unknown reason. Tsukino has shown a limited control over this power she mainly uses it to control other people.  She can also their blood rush out of their bodies. And she can make their cells disintegrate resulting in an explosion.


Weapon Expert

She can totally change the colour of her skin to her liking even make tattoos which she often does.
That makes it possible for her to blend in her environment but then again she has to go naked to totally blend in.
A Bone Sword
A Bone Sword

And she can also make external bones for armour, and several horns and spikes to use as weapon`s. She can even totally expel them from her body to make swords, spears and of course throw them at high speed.


she can use her blood at will in and outside of her body she can multiply them and even use them to control other liquids.


Tsukino showing her Tato making powers
Tsukino showing her Tato making powers
She can regrow her muscles and change they`re structure to the point that she is physically different from a normal human.
And she can also change her size and how buff she is because in her Oni form she is 1,62 but in her human form she is only 1,47.

She can grow them really long at high speed and make them super hard for in battle and she can also change their colour.
Using her nails
Using her nails

Inhuman limbs
She actually has a tail and two wings but in her human form they don't show  because she can make the disappear by disintegrating them.
Due to her molecular control she can decide if the tail is long and thin or medium and thick and how big her wings are.

Tsukino transformed into Devilly with Tattoos
Tsukino transformed into Devilly with Tattoos

Further the only thing that could make you think she isn't human are two fangs in her mouth.

Other handy stuff
She can vibrate every cell in her body so she can walk trough solid objects and give off small shocks.
She can also use it to walk on water and trough air but not very high.

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I just rewatched Nostalgia Critic`s review of the Power Rangers movie. And i finally decided to make a log about the only thing that bothered me. And good to see that he didn't do any real research what so ever otherwise he would have know the in the Japanese version the Black Frog Ranger is called Jiraiya who is a very well developed character btw. sound familliar?XD

Yep he kinda called the perve sage lame too in a way....  FROG/TOAD POWER AINT LAME!!!!

(O and if he did do some research he would also know that Repulsa`s voice aint in synch because Saban used the old Bandora Footage from ZyuRanger and dubbed it so he could have left that question out. double lame!) and yes i already posted there too week ago lol
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Don`t forget that the European Wi-fi event for the Rotom is starting tomorrow with this trainers will obtain Keys to transform Rotom in his multiple forms

The event stops on July the 19th
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Its been clear for the past few months that GACKT is interested in playing a villain or hopefully a Rider in Decade`s 2009 movie. But now rumors are actually showing up that he might have gotten his way. (closes his ears to protect himself from the awful fan girl squeals) If that`s true he`ll be on the side of the evil Great Shocker organization who have been a pain in the neck for several Riders in the Showa era.(maybe even as the Great Leader)
Yep that`s one dangerous guys alright starting all those evil organizations
Yep that`s one dangerous guys alright starting all those evil organizations
So that`s a good reason for the non-rider fans to watch it and also with the comeback of those legendary Kamen Riders it will be save to for us true fans to assume that this is gonna be the most awesome Kamen Rider movie EVER!!!!! :D

PS: yes i went lazy and used a part of my earlier post in that thread :P
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