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A better show then the last one and that a good thing

Negima!? is ten times better, then the first anime. It funnier, have better action, animation and a better ending. I like this so much that I completely forgot about the first anime, but it still not as good as the manga.    Animation Cool hair The animation is way better ...

Reviewed by Destinyheroknight on Feb. 2, 2011
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Where is the story?

Negima! has more to it than a cute kid surrounded by pretty women. Negi has a goal he truly believes in - to one day become a master wizard like his father. He doesn’t have exact plan on how to reach his goal, which makes it rather hard for him ...

Reviewed by Destinyheroknight on Jan. 7, 2011
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Wow it been 10th years already.

This episode of Bleach was so weird and I kind of like it.  First thing I like about this episode is the locations how it was different from what we usually see in Bleach.  We start the episode with Ichigo waking up in the middle of the desert and seeing three other people and a black ...

Reviewed by Destinyheroknight on Sept. 8, 2010
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A very funny anime

The series start out with a woman holding a crying baby in stormy weather. She leaves the baby in front of a church's door saying "I pray that you be healthy, and on the day you realize your fate, I pray that you be strong. O child of our hopes." The baby Sai ...

Reviewed by Destinyheroknight on April 22, 2010
8 out of 8 found this review helpful.
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