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Kind of getting into Toriko, but the monkey's balls keep pushing me away. World Trigger was awesome this week and One Piece was pretty cool.
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Hello, everyone and welcome to a One Piece Chapter Review. Check out Elfenlied1012 blog - M vs Clannad: Round Three! & takashichea blog Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 146


One Piece 680 - Marine Base Captain Of G-5 "Kichiku Vergo"
One Piece 680 - Marine Base Captain Of G-5 "Kichiku Vergo"

This week cover page is a cover story, it about Jimbei running away from Caribou's brother & his Army of clones. Why are you running Jimbei? You can easily kick those guys butts


Noooo!! Why You Evil!?
Noooo!! Why You Evil!?

In the passage way that connects block A and block B , Team Zoro (Nami, Robin, Sanji, Usopp, Brook and Kinemon) are riding on Brownbeard's back, because they basically are lazy. Behind them, Tashigi and her remaining men are attack by the PH Dragon. The G-5 Marines open fire at the PH Dragon, but it easily dodge the gunfire and try to take a bite out of them. As the PH Dragon chase the marines, it sense danger and quickly run away.

Vergo: I've Been Wanting To Do This For Ages!
Vergo: I've Been Wanting To Do This For Ages!

Then the G-5 Marines are cheering of the arrival of Vice Admiral Vergo, believing he has come to save them, but are shocked when Vergo uses Finger Gun on the three closest G-5 Marine to him. Tashigi lunges at him, but Vergo defends against her by hardening his arm, then knocks her down. The G-5 Marines attack him, believing that he is a fake, but are effortlessly defeated.

Sanji then arrives using Air Walk and Diable Jambe to kicks Vergo in the face, knocking the spoon out of him. Back with the rest of team Zoro, the PH Dragon have caught up with them and is about to attack them Luffy is out of breath at the outside of CC's lab, Smoker then come up asking Luffy is he ok. Luffy tells Smoker that he ok and need to catch his breath. When Smoker open CC's lab door, Luffy immediately punches CC in the gut.

The Good

I Have Mix Feelings About This
I Have Mix Feelings About This

+ The PH Dragon attacking the G-5 Marines

+ Vergo beating up the G-5 Marines

+ Sanji's awesome kick to Vergo's face

+ Luffy's trail of fire

+ Monet :)

+ Luffy punch CC in the gut

The Bad

- The PH Dragon turning evil

- Tashigi being beaten and save again

- Zoro didn't save Tashigi

- The PH Dragon attacking team Zoro (they going to eat that poor Dragon)

- No Law, Franky or Chopper

My Quick Thoughts

Man, I so sad about the PH Dragon being evil and attacking team Zoro. It just going to be eaten by Zoro in the end. All well, there always Monet who can still join the crew after this Arc. Also what happen to Law?


I'll give this chapter 3.5 out of 5, it was a very good chapter (next chapter is fighting time)

Man, Luffy You Are Fast
Man, Luffy You Are Fast

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