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Hello, everyone and welcome to a One Piece Chapter Review. Check out Elfenlied1012 blog - M vs Clannad: Round Two! & takashichea blogs Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 145 & Weekly Arcana Famiglia: Ep. 9


One Piece 679 - "The G-5Spirit"
One Piece 679 - "The G-5Spirit"

This week cover page is a cover story, it about Jimbei about to kick Caribou's brother & his army of clones butts. I can't wait to see that


I Know
I Know
Part Of The Plan
Part Of The Plan

CC is wondering about why the G-5 marines and his prisoners was not kill by the poison cloud, he then get a report from one of his centaur henchman that the Straw Hats, G-5 and Law have broken into the lobby and are plainning to escape. CC is shocked by the info and orders the passage way connecting building A and B to be closed and a wall blasted to allow the poison cloud into building A. Chopper is running in the hallway, having got the info about the candy and is wondering which way to go. Vergo then get up and say "that only small fry will fall for that trap", and then he get prepared for a fight.

As the Straw Hats fight against the Centaur gate defenders as well as the G-5 marines blocking their way, the gate begins to close. Some of the G-5 marines sacrifice there lives to save the lovely Tashigi

The Good

+ Chopper zooming pass the Centaur

I Keeping My Eye On You
I Keeping My Eye On You

+ The Lovely Monet :)

+ Vergo is ready for some action

+ Law teleporting

+ Brook, Zoro & Kinemon beating up on G-5

+ PH Dragon (I love that dragon)

+ Some of the G-5 marines sacrificing there lives to save Tashigi (it was an awesome scene)

The Bad

-No Franky

- I starting to like the G-5 marines

My Quick Thoughts

It seem like Monet is the one who helping Chopper, wonder what is her story. I really hope Monet or the PH dragon (or both) join the crew after this. I can't believe I feeling for the G-5 marines, they been getting on my nerves, but now I just feel sorry for them. Oda why you making me care for the G-5 marines & Brownbeard? Also it would be cool if Tashigi is reveal to be Kuina and is the big bad of One Piece :)


I'll give this chapter again 3 out of 5, it was a good chapter (it basically set up again, hope we get some action next time)

Run!! Chopper!! Run!!
Run!! Chopper!! Run!!

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