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Toriko art is really good, but I still not into the story. I get that the Monkey King is super powerful, you don't have to keep reminding me about it. Anyway, I glad Viz got My Hero Academia :)
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Hello, everyone and welcome to a late One Piece Chapter Review. Check out Daniel_Newton blog - Building a Better Wiki & Elfenlied1012 blog - M vs. The Famed Tear jerker & takashichea blog - Weekly La Storia della Arcana Famiglia


One Piece 678 - "Inside The Laboratory&squot;s A-Building Lobby"
One Piece 678 - "Inside The Laboratory's A-Building Lobby"

This week cover page is a cover story, it about Jimbei taking Caribou away from Fishman Island. I seeing a buddy comedy in the future for them :)



Team Zoro and Team Nami (in Sanji's body) have just bust down the shutter door, the G-5 Marines are in a panic at the sight of the poison cloud nearing the open hole, they quickly board it up. Then Brook projects his soul outside the laboratory, and sees that the surrounding landscape has been completely covered by the ash shell produced by the cloud. And then the G-5 Marines turned there guns to Zoro and the others, but Law tell Smoker to control his men, as he do so.

Law switches Sanji and Nami back into their original bodies at her request. Then he informs everyone that there is only one escape route that can avoid the gas, a huge door marked with "Building R-66" on it and they have two hours to finish what they there for and get to the door or they will die. Team Zoro combine with Team Nami to search for the children, Smoker prepares to fight his boss Vergo, and Tashigi and the G-5 Marines search for the escape route. Team Luffy goes after CC, and is warned by Zoro to take him seriously this time. Luffy is attacked by a squadron of centaurs, but takes out all of them at once with his new attack Gum Gum UFO.

The Good

+ Zoro and Kinemon looking cool after cutting down the door

Huh, Luffy can now hover
Huh, Luffy can now hover

+ Seeing the outside of Punk Hazard after the Land Of The Dead covering it (also seeing Brook's soul again)

+ The cute PH Dragon (do hope it join the crew)

+ Brownbeard saying you know my name LOL!

+ Zoro telling Luffy to get serious, since they in the New World

+ Luffy using his new attack Gum Gum UFO (it look so cool)

The Bad

- Where Franky and Chopper?

- Sanji getting hit by Nami (at this rate, he'll be the new Yamcha)

- No Monet :(

My Quick Thoughts

I do wonder where is Franky is, knowing him he probably getting a new pair of speedo, after his Fire Ball attack LOL! Also I do like how Luffy make up attacks on the fly, hope he got some more


I'll give this chapter a 3 out of 5, it was a good chapter (it basically set up)


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