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Hello, everyone. Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Review, check out takashichea blogs - Toonami: Deadman Wonderland & Italian Anime Spotlight & Reverse Harem based Otome Games & Weekly Fairy Tail. Also check out Elfenlied1012 blogs - So Begins the Carnival & The Crow Calls


Chapter 676 - "The Perfected Weapon Of Mass Destruction"
Chapter 676 - "The Perfected Weapon Of Mass Destruction"

This week cover page is a color page. This color page is pretty cool, it seem like they at London having a Tea Party


Like you been doing
Like you been doing

After eating the giant candy, Smiley transforms into its gas form and it spread quickly throughout the island. CC and the brokers are watching as the poison cloud cover CC's men in an ash cocoon. Zoro's Team are running for their lives from the poison cloud, then Zoro spots the PH Dragon and plan on riding it with the others. At the lab, CC taunts Luffy that his crew as well as everyone outside the safety of the lab will never survive the gas. He goes on saying that once the gas kills Luffy, Smoker (in Tashigi's body) & Law it will prove that his gas is unstoppable being able to kill high profile targets. Then the cage begin to move outside of the lab. While, Chopper is wondering what to do. Law tells Luffy that they will continue with the original plan and prepare to fight back.

The Good

+ Seeing how a Devil Fruit is made

And that how DF are born
And that how DF are born

+ Like how the Ash Cocoon look

+ Zoro's Team running (like how they run)

+ The baby Dragon

+ Law & Luffy about to do something

The Bad

Rob Lucci?
Rob Lucci?

- The G-5 Marines, I really don't like them

-There was no Nami (in Sanji's body) & Usopp this chapter

My Quick Thoughts

Another great chapter, a lot have happen. I can't believe Oda kill off Smiley, but we did learn that how a Devil Fruit are remade. Wondering who going to eat it this time. Also is one of the brokers Rob Lucci?


I'll give this chapter a 4 out of 5, it was an awesome chapter (can't wait unit next week)

I just love this Dragon, hope it join the crew
I just love this Dragon, hope it join the crew

Also please support the official release

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