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Hello, everyone. Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Review, check out ShadowKnight508 blogs - Anime Game News: Muv-Luv Visual Novel To Be Ported to PS3 & Anime Game News: One Piece's Romance Dawn Arc to get PSP RPG?


This week cover page is a cover story, starring our favorite kidnapper Caribou. I love cover stories, it like getting two stories for one chapter and they sometime comeback to the main story. This time around is Caribou, hope he do more this time then get his butt kick


Love that face
Love that face
CC is a troll
CC is a troll

The kids rampage against Usopp and Nami in Sanji's body in the hopes of receiving candy from CC. Nami in Sanji's body prevents Usopp from attacking the poor kids, and convinces him to fight their real enemy, so he fire a Firebird Star at CC, in hoping that CC will explode. But CC manipulate the oxygen levels around him, suffocating Firebird Star and the two Straw Hats. Brownbeard arrives to rescue them from being crushed by the giant kids, but he is quickly defeated by CC. CC boards his Flying Gas Balloon with the children, and broadcasts a video message to brokers in various locations in the New World. He offers to demonstrate the power of his new weapon of mass destruction against those who have intruded on Punk Hazard, promising that the capabilities of his weapon will go beyond anything the World Government could ever produce.

The Good


+ The kids braking out of there chains

+ Usopp's Firebird Star

+ Usopp's Firechick Star

+ CC being awesome

+ Brownbeard moment of awesome

+ Kid coming back

The Bad

- CC talk to much (but I think that joke)

- Brownbeard living through a cannon to the face

- Oda taking a week off, again

My Quick Thoughts

This chapter was pretty awesome, we seeing what going to go down in the near future. I'm so hype, that we are getting Kid and Pekoms. Wondering if the bomb in that one box will play a factor in the upcoming fights


I'll give this chapter a 3 out of 5, it was a ok chapter only more set up

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