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Hello, everybody and happy 4th of July. Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Review, sickVisionz - Naruto Manga #592 - Those Uchiha Boys Are At It Again & Bleach Manga #499. Also check out takashichea - Crunchyroll's Summer 2012 Simulcast Lineup & First Impressions of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita & Fate Zero Anime Series Wiki Project is Finished!.


Chapter 673 - "Vergo & Joker"
Chapter 673 - "Vergo & Joker"

This week is Brook and a T-Rex bones having a dances party as Usopp watches. I love this cover page, Brook (first time) is topless and partying with a T-rex (what else to say)



At an certain island in the New World, a group of parents are begging the G-5 marines to help search for their missing children, but Commodore Yarisugi, harshly refused them aid and told them that the children died in an accident at sea and tell them to pipe down or he'll kill them & burn down there town. But the parents still believe there children are alive. Back at Punk Hazard, Team's Nami in Sanji's body are having a hard time containing the giant withdraw kids who have woken up from their sleep, until CC shows up with his bags of drug candy, ready to take the children back to his lab. At the lake, Smiley changed its shape into that of an axolotl and attacked Team's Zoro causing them to flee towards the research facility. Meanwhile, Vergo and Monet are inside CC's lab with their captives, Team's Luffy as well as Smoker in Tashigi's body, Tashigi in Smoker's body, and Law. Vice Admiral Vergo states that everyone here will die and he will report their deaths as accidents and also have hamburger today. Law reveals that Joker is really his one-time captain, Doflamingo.

The Good

+ Vergo being a Vice Admiral

I have no idea what is an axolotl, but it look awesome
I have no idea what is an axolotl, but it look awesome

+ Zombies kids

+ The Slime is a Zoan type

+ Vergo finally get the thing off his face

+ Luffy remembering the time when he got trap in Alabasta

+ Joker is Doflamingo

The Bad

- The scene with the G-5 marines, they are getting on my last nerves

- Vergo not killing them, it will bite him in the butt

- Joker wasn't really the Joker

My Quick Thoughts

Wow (that is all)


This was an awesome chapter, got me hype for the next chapter

I'll give this chapter a 4.5 out of 5, it was an awesome chapter but the G-5 guys make it lower

Also please support the official release

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