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Kind of getting into Toriko, but the monkey's balls keep pushing me away. World Trigger was awesome this week and One Piece was pretty cool.
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Hello, everyone. Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Review, sickVisionz - Bleach Manga #498 - Why Am I Getting My @$$ Kicked and Naruto Manga #591 - 2 Legit 2 Quit. Also check out takashichea - Fall 2012 Anime Trailer: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic, Anime Wrap-Up: Legend of Korra Season 1 Finale Discussion/Debate & Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 136 - True Evil Revisited!.


Chapter 672: My Name Is Kinemon!!
Chapter 672: My Name Is Kinemon!!

This week cover page is Zoro vs Sanji with a rabbit & a turtle on there backs (with guns) racing. I like this one, that all I have to say


What That On Your Face?
What That On Your Face?

In the research facility, Law is confronted by the mysterious man, Velgo. Law then attempts to fight him, but is instantly knock back down and then is knock out by a steel bamboo stick. Outside, CC has KO Franky, Robin, Smoker & Tashigi without even touching any of them. The G-5 Marines wonder if it is Conqueror's Haki. At the lake, Brook & Zoro are arguing how to deal with the Slime, while Sanji in Nami's body saves the samurai's torso from being eaten by a shark and being poison to death, by escaping using Blue Walk. The reconstructed samurai introduces himself as Kinemon of Foxfire, and easily destroys the Slime around them with his Foxfire attack.

The Good


+ Velgo's design and his power

+ Someone bigger is behind CC

+ Brook & Zoro arguing

+ Kinemon Oda's box

+ Kinemon cutting the Slime and the explosion in half

The Bad

- Smoker, Robin, Tashigi and Franky being taken down off panel

- The G-5 Marines not doing anything

- Nami's body able to KO a shark

- Wondering how CC know of Law have betray him

My Quick Thoughts

Huh, I wondering if Velgo eat an Alchemy Devil Fruit and also what is that thing on his face? It seems like CC make a Conqueror's Haki poison, but it probably not true


This was a ok chapter, it answers some questions. The next one probably would be awesome

I'll give this chapter a 3 out of 5, it was an ok chapter

1 is really bad, 2 is bad but have some good scenes, 3 is OK, 4 is good and 5 is Awesome!

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