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Mahō Sensei Negima! is one of my favorite shonen manga, after a nine years run it end today. The ending was pretty good, but I do wish Akamatsu-sensei would make a sequel.

The series is so awesome, almost all the main characters are enjoyable. I really enjoy the character development and the action, also the comedy is pretty good. At first glance it may look like a standard harem, but it more then that. It about a kid who try to follow in his father's foot steps, whom happen to teach a English class full of girls and he just ten years old (also he have magical powers). Unlike other harems main guy, Negi is not a spineless coward (ok, at first he was) and also have a very good reason he not into his harem girls, because he only ten years old. Even the girls are not stereotype (ok, they are but only a little bit)

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