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 Tsugumi Looking Over The City
 Tsugumi Looking Over The City

Soul Eater Not! is a spinoff of Soul Eater. Its about a new weapon named Tsugumi Harudori, who join DWMA to become a hero.


The story take place before Soul Eater, so canon should not be a problem. I always wonder how the other Meisters and Weapons met, this new story give me a good look at how it is done. I laugh a couple of times, It a good change of paste from the dark story now.


The new characters are pretty good, their is about three new characters. The female protagonist Tsugumi is a weapon, who don't know how to change into a weapon.
 Tsugumi hugging Meme
 Tsugumi hugging Meme
Tsugumi is pretty interesting character, I wonder how she'll grow. Meme is a Meister, who isn't that bright. I have a feeling that she smart, I guess I have to wait and see. Anya is a Meister, who come from a rich family.  She kinda looks like Soul as a girl from the lust chapter in
Soul on the right and Anya on the left
Soul on the right and Anya on the left
Eibon's book, I have a strong feeling that Anya might be a relative of Soul. Maka, Black Star, and Sid have all make a cameo in the first chapter. Sid is alive, I so use to him being dead. Maka give a helping hand to the new girl and Black Star is Black Star. I hoping to see more side characters in the future.


Anya and a weapon
Anya and a weapon
This new story is great, if you are a Soul Eater fan. It's really refreshing to get some understanding of how Meisters and Weapon get partnered up and the school life at 
What are your guys thoughts about this spinoff?   
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