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Kind of getting into Toriko, but the monkey's balls keep pushing me away. World Trigger was awesome this week and One Piece was pretty cool.
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Time for some Soul Eater Not! This time around we get some info about the school and some well known characters. This is really feeling like an all female Harem/Slice Of Life story about weapons and  Meisters, and I like it :)       


The story begin in the DWMA's cafeteria where we see are main characters trying to buy food with money they have left, after Kim stole there money last time. They onlhave enough for one Kake Soba (that sucks). Then Itadakimas (there senpai) walk up to them and give them two bowls of Kake Soda. She trying to make it up for not helping Tsugumi with the Kim thing. Itadakimas then explain the reason why they call Kim a witch, it seem like Kim was pretty nice when she started going to DWMA. I guess she was trying to hide a secret (if you read Soul Eater you probably know). Also we find out one of the bad thing she did, Kim is the one who give Itadakimas the nicknamed Eternal Feather. Itadakimas have to go by that name for two years (man, that evil). Itadakimas then talk about them getting a job to earn money so they won't go hungry. After School they go to a coffee cafe own by Master (Yes, that his name), to get a job. Also Medusa stop by to get some coffee    


We get to meet three more characters and get more info on some well known characters. First we get more info about Kim, she seem to act meaner here then in Soul Eater. It is explain more here why Kim is acting mean, she try to keep people from being close to her. Ox Ford is also in this chapter to, he still head over heels in love with Kim. He  figure out why Kim act mean and also pay back the money Kim stole from Tsugumi, so she won't talk bad about Kim (What a guy). Next are the new characters, Master is the owner of the coffee cafe where Tsugumi and the girls works. He look pretty cool and kind of look like Free a little. Next is there co-workers, Akane is a Meister who is parters with Clay. The reason why they work there is that Clay spend all there money on games. Tsugumi haven't did anything really, just notice that Meme look cute in the maid outfit. Meme is doing pretty good at her job. Anya seems like she having a blast to at working, seem like she not that spoil. Also Tsugumi ask the other girls to not put honorific in her name (to show friendship). 


This chapter was very good, it give us info on why some characters have strange names and what the best coffee in Death City is. 
What are your guys thoughts about this chapter? 
 So cute
 So cute
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