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Love is a Drug, and Drugs are Bad!

One of the greatest things to see in story telling is to see strong female characters. There's nothing like seeing an amazing heroine show off her skills, and prove her worth, showing that not only can she stand toe-to-toe with a man, but even defeat him if necessary. There are a lot of these women in anime; however, sometimes something terrible happens. These women fall in love! Why is this bad? Well many times when a female character falls in love, she falls in love with the male lead character, and as a result she becomes a secondary character who more often than not is forced to either act as a support character, or much worse looses all sense of self-defense to where she has to be "rescued" by the male character.

This list is dedicated to those women who have lost all their awesomeness due to a crazy little thing called LOVE!

1. Houki Shinonono

Though, not as badly affected as some, you still have your fair share of come apart over this. The good thing on you is that you didn't let your little crush make you loose all sense of how to put on your bra! Instead, you let it piss you off, and as a result you cause the loverboy to get badly injured. Way to win his heart girlfriend! *slowclap*

2. Cecilia Alcott

Talk about loosing all your damn morals! You started out being the prideful European contender, and one of the best IS operators. You challenge the rookie, and though you barely win the fight, you still manage to defeat him. Instead of accepting your victory, and learning from the mistakes you dicided that it would be better to start throwing yourself all over the boy you hated from the get go! You're definitely the pride of London now aren't you!

3. Lingyin Huang

Childhood friend huh? Okay, I get that the object of your affection is almost completely without in a lot of areas, but seriously does that mean that after your amazing debut, and nearly kicking his ass in a match, that you have to start totally sucking afterwards? After your debut, you were totally useless and couldn't land a single hit on anything! I bet your sweet and sour pork sucks as much as your aim!

4. Charlotte Dunois

Why Charlotte! Why! You were so awesome at first...Actually out of all the other IS Harem, you never really lost that much of your awesome. I actually rooted for you as you tried to win your crush's affections. Thing is...I liked you better as a dude! Seriously what the heck girl! I get that what happened to you was terrible, but after Ichika finds out you're a girl you start tripping over your panties all over the place, and are constantly trying get naked! Also, I thought you were going to try and stay disguised as a boy...well that sure as hell didn't last long did it!!!

5. Laura Bodewig

WHAT THE HELL!!! You initial show up as the badass chick! You don't take no crap off anyone, you're highly pissed that your mentor's brother is responsible for being a weakness to her, and you have the power to back up your bitch talk to boot! I guess all it takes to get you out of your clothes is to kick your ass one time! Seriously, what is all this bride crap!? Also let's not even talk about the Kawaii swimsuit incident! Though I admit it was pretty badass when you came in there and kissed Ichika in front of everybody, bold move...bold move indeed.

6. Inaho Kushiya

You were awesome for all of five seconds! Well not really. You see I saw through your whole rescue ruse at the beginning of Maken-Ki from the get go. Aren't you supposed to be one of the few natural Maken users? Isn't that supposed to be special? APPARENTLY NOT!!!

7. Asuna

When I first laid eyes on you Asuna, you showed a whole lot of promise. You could dip and dive, you could take a hit, and you could really leave a wallop on the bad guys, but what happened? You met Kirito, and you fell for him like a bird with clipped wings. Though, I don't look badly on your relationship, you really got screwed...literally! I mean you went from awesome badass second in command of the most powerful guild to tentacle rape victim of the out of place jelly monsters and were sexually assaulted by a fairy! You just couldn't fight back anymore, but though I have to admit that wasn't your fault. You were made the damsel in distress so your boyfriend could look awesome, but to be honest if it wasn't for you he would have nothing, but at the same time girl I have to tell have bad taste in men.

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