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God Dammit Shinji!!!

I've noticed many different animes contain a similar trope, and that is an inexperienced or traumatized male lead. Though the writers intend to show various different psyche, they unfortunately have the tendency to come off as annoying. I'm talking about the many male lead characters that you wish would step up to the plate, and be the badass that they so obviously could be; however, instead these guys hold tightly to the idiot ball and let us down time, and time, and time again! This list is dedicated to these inept bastards.

1. Shinji Ikari

The guy who just so happens to be this lists very namesake. To anyone who has ever watched any incarnation of Evangelion and has not wanted to strangle this little shit at some point has either more patience than Buddha or is a freaking liar. There have been so many times throughout the series that you just wish the guy would shut up and get in the freaking robot. Instead, he chooses to whine and let a lot of other people get hurt. Thing is Shinji your dad doesn't give a rat's ass about you, so how about you show him how awesome you are like you did in the fight against Zeruel...Oh wait you screwed that up too! God Dammit Shinji!

2. Issei Hyoudou

For all this guy's charm, or lack thereof, Issei Hyoudou has this miraculous untapped power that comes from a gauntlet on his arm. Though he has confidence he thinks more with the head between his legs rather than the one between his shoulders. This causes him to make very stupid decisions, or causes him to become a badass in a very different way. You would think though that if he actually focused on this power he has been given rather than trying to figure out how to be the "GREATEST HAREM KING EVA!!!" he may have by this point mopped the floor with a lot of his enemies. Then again, it's his overwhelming focus on T & A that causes his moments of badassery, so I guess it is how they say: "Whatever works"

3. Suzaku Kururugi

This guy here. A Shinji Ikari clone with a freaking death wish. We have no problem getting you in the robot do we buddy, nope that's not the problem. It's getting you to bring the damn thing back in one piece! I understand man that your daddy sucked, and that your best friend is supreme terrorist number one and he killed your waifu (seriously he could have just told her to make him a sandwich), but you take it to the next! You do prove your badassery time and again throughout the series, but your need to throw yourself down in front of the chopping block every chance you get has literally made the executioner feel uncomfortable and he had to take therapy.

4. Takeru Ohyama

I hate to say this dude, but your series doesn't really make much sense. I get that you unintentionally developed a harem, and your only reason for going to this school was that you get to look at booby bungalows instead of a sausage fest, but next time man read the damn pamphlet! Also, I get that you don't really understand this, but you have some sort of secret badass power, that pretty much makes you more awesome than anyone else at that school except for possibly your girlfr...I mean best childhood friend. Unfortunately, You don't know you have this power or really how to use it, but WHY DON'T YOU! You could be awesome man. T_T

5. Raki


6. Eren Yeager

I feel a little bad for lumping you in this category, but toward the end of the second arc you kind of deserved your placement. Eren you have a lot to be admired. Your determined, you have an amazing work eithic, you focus your anger into a creative outlet instead of letting your traumatizing past turn you into a whiny sap. You had several moments of badassery throughout Attack on Titan, but WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED MAN!!! To be honest the writers of the show happened to you. Like during the assault of Trost, I was totally expecting you to wreck the titan's with your new skills...well that was an Effin disaster wasn't it! Also next time if your comrades ask you if you trust them...SAY HELL NO AND BITE YOURSELF DAMMIT!!!

7. Gohan

You never really learned not to play with fire didn't you? How many times have you screwed things up by playing around with the with the bad guys instead of going ahead and finishing them. I have to admit that you had several awesome moments, and you really are my favorite character of the series (next to Vegeta); however, your goofing off really screwed the pooch didn't it. Seriously I can't think of a better way to show my Dad how much I appreciate everything he's done for me by forcing him to sacrifice himself because I was too arrogant to dispose of a walking pitri dish. Also way to show that you're the most powerful being in the universe by playing with the pink taffy gangster so long that it actually eats your ass! Way to go Gohan!

8. Ash Ketchum I don't feel right picking on you. When there's one guy who's been screwed by the writers, you buddy are like the epitome of that scenario. You do have your moments of badassary through out the several incarnations of your series, but it's like you are perpetually stuck at eleven. A guy like you should be in the Elite four, started your own gym, or heck at least have actually dated someone! ...I just can't man. Ash Ketchum, even though you are on the "God Dammit Shinji" list for a lot of the dumbass decisions you made. I salute you for standing strong in the face of the enemy known as "enfranchisement" and enduring the torture so Poke'mon can continue to bring joy to us all. I salute you indeed. T_T

9. Ichika Orimura

I really wanted to take it easy on you. I wanted to be nice, because I know you are a rookie and a female dominated sport, but even rookies AT LEAST CAN REMEMBER WHAT THEY LEARNED THE DAY AFTER THEY LEARNED IT! What the hell man! Seriously, you understand absolutely nothing, and all you can say is "I don't get it." You're sister definitely got all the good genes didn't she. Also I've never seen a male lead that is more useless than you are! You have a one hit kill attack, and you can't even hit the broad side of a barn! Why don't you do like other Japanese Kids and go to a normal high school, because you sure as hell don't belong in the school you're in right now!

10. Haruto Tokishima

Okay. Haruto. You know sometimes it does help IF YOU OPEN YOU'RE FREAKING MOUTH! You indecisive, whiny little bitch prick you! You're supposed to be the leader of your group! Yes, a very bad thing happened to you, but instead of moving forward all you can do is freaking whine and cry "I'm cursed". You dumbass, because you couldn't tell the freaking truth, and just said "um..." YOU GOT EVERYONE KILLED! Yeah, you kind of figured it out at the end, but it's a little to late! Everyone is dead! I don't know if I hate you or Shinji Ikari worse! I do not mourn your death one little bit, and I hope when you get to the other side Yamada kicks your ass for being a little bitch!!!

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Nice list! You should add Haruto Tokishima and Shu Ouma because these guys couldn't make a decision when it's all about one's life. They are wishy washy, and their indecisiveness cost their loved ones' lives in the process.

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