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Battle 491 - All of Ryozanpaku Departs

This is the first review that I write, I'm following the same structure that Destinyheroknight uses for his reviews, I hope he doesn't get angry xD. Sorry if my grammar is bad.


The Ryozanpaku is ready to fight.
The Ryozanpaku is ready to fight.
Miu and Kenichi training.
Miu and Kenichi training.

Kenichi is training (as always) along with Miu and the master Ma Kensei who is teaching him a new technique called "Bake Rasetsukei". The Ryozanpaku masters then gather and the elder reveals that they have found another one of Yami's lairs and tells the other masters that he wants to attack the base before the police do. There isn't any information about how many Yami fighters are there and who, so, this time the whole Ryozanpaku is going to participate in this attack. Meanwhile Miu is having trouble with her Dou Ki and hurts herself after hitting the straw post they use for training, the elder then tells Kensei to teach Miu some Ying-Kungfu for tendons and muscles in order to help her body to catch up with her Ki.

Kensei's third disciple.
Kensei's third disciple.

In other place, inside a limousine, we finally get to see the face of Kensei's third disciple while he tells Berserker and Ryuto about how his master is using them as guinea pigs. Time later, the Ryozanpaku along with the most important members of the Shinpaku Alliance arrive near the Yami's lair. The Ryozanpaku masters want the Shinpaku Alliance to don't interfere, Kisara and Takeda don't agree with this but they accept after Freya tells everyone that they could end up being in the way and that it would be better if they just watch because it will be safer and still interesting.

The masters start their attack to the base while Kenichi and his friends are left behind, then Niijima notices a limousine identical to the ones that came to pick up the Yomi members in the previous chapter. The limousine stops and seconds later it heads towards Kenichi and the others, 2 people come out of the vehicle, Berserker and the other Kensei's disciple that we met in this chapter.

The Good

Ma Kensei being pervert.
Ma Kensei being pervert.

+ Kisara's cover at the beginning of the chapter.

+ The last of the 3 new Kensei's disciples is finally introduced, thought his name is still unknown.

+ Miu's fanservice.

+ Berserker looking evil.

+ All the Ryozanpaku along with the Shinpaku Alliance is going to fight in this arc.

The Bad

- After the events that happened in the previous chapters Ukita still doesn't have a Judo master, which means that he isn't getting stronger.

My Quick Thoughts

After it was confirmed that Berserker is one of Kensei's disciples, I got really excited and now that he is going to fight we can finally see how strong is he now. The last time we saw Berserker fighting (in the Ragnarok Arc), he was really strong, even without a master, but now that he has one, he might be at least as strong as Kenichi. I'll be very disappointed if something interrupts the fight between Yomi and the Ryozanpaku causing Berserker to leave early.


I'll give this chapter a 2.5 out of 5, nothing really important happened but it is a set up for the next chapter.

Berserker's evil face.
Berserker's evil face.
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Hello, I think this is the first time I write a Blog Entry and I wanted to express my thoughts about image uploading. Anime Vice is another anime encyclopedia, with forums and other stuff, but what distinguish it from other anime encyclopedias [in my opinion] is the huge quantity of images that it stores, actually I discovered this site because of the good images and because it allows you to have your own Image Gallery.

The problem is that there's a few things that I don't like, here I mention some of them:

I. Common Problems in Image Galleries

a) People upload pictures to galleries that aren't related at all to the picture.

I'll give some examples to explain my point:

Example 1:

This screenshot was added to the Rangiku's Gallery from Bleach, but as you can see, Rangiku is only seen in the distance and you canĀ“t clearly see her. In my opinion this screenshot should be only in the gallery of the episode that contains it, but not in Rangiku's Gallery.

Example 2:

This screenshot was also added to the Rangiku's Gallery, and even though it doesn't highlight Rangiku, you can clearly see her and it shows an important moment in the series that involves the character, so, I think it's acceptable to have this screenshot in Rangiku's Gallery.

Example 3:

This screenshot doesn't show any important moment for the character or the series, nevertheless it strongly highlights the character, so, I think it's acceptable to have this screenshot in Rankigu's Gallery.

b) Duplicate pictures

Sometimes you can see duplicate pictures and this could happen due to these possible reasons:

  • The gallery where you want to upload the picture has a hundreds of pictures and you don't want to check if the screenshot you are adding it's already there.
  • Some people upload screenshots of his/her favorite character but only to the characters' page and then when another person uploads screenshots for a specific episode of an anime series and later checks the characters' pages, the person realizes that some of his/her screenshots are duplicates.
  • Sometimes you can feel lazy and you don't want to check all the possible galleries where the picture (that you want to upload) might be.

c) Edited pictures

Sometimes people edit pictures (in some cases that are already in a wiki gallery), and I think it's OK if there is a good reason for that action, if not, the edited pictures should be deleted. I'll give some examples to explain my point:

Example 1:

This is a screenshot that was cropped in order to be used as the Default Image of the character Miku Yuuki. The editing is justified.

Example 2:

This is another screenshot (from the Zabimaru's Gallery) that was cropped and made smaller, but there is no good reason for doing that, I think the complete screenshot would be better.

d) Very similar pictures

For example look at this 2 pairs of screenshots:

They are very similar and I think there is no problem with that, but if you have a wiki gallery with hundreds of pictures and you want to add a couple of screenshots that are almost the same, I would suggest to pick only one and add it to the gallery. After all, you can keep in you gallery all the screenshots that you didn't add.


After talking about this issues, I would suggest to create wiki tasks for wiki pages that have a disorganized gallery with hundreds of pictures. These wiki tasks would involve [besides adding captions] the following actions:

  • Deleting duplicated pictures, edited pictures, bad quality pictures, etc.
  • Adding the appropiate galleries.

Another solution could be to give some users the authorization to delete pictures that they consider inappropriate.

But anyway, what do you think about this? Am I exaggerating?

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