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@demonic13: In Animevice there is still some concept art from the 1st season and it also seems that Inaho is a little bit bigger.However in some scans, Azuki's breasts look bigger than Inaho's. I suppose it's just a problem of consistency.
1 hour, 12 minutes ago
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@takashichea: Thanks for the comment, but I think it isn't a matter of skill, it's just that the program that I use (Photoshop CS6) makes it easier for me XD.
13 hours, 48 minutes ago
@takashichea: I didn't know that, thanks for telling me.
14 hours, 3 minutes ago
@takashichea: Here it is, it was harder to make than I expected. I also uploaded another version in my gallery that shows more of the legs.Also there is the version of the Fairy Tail Wiki, so you can choose the one you like the most.
14 hours, 11 minutes ago
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14 hours, 17 minutes ago
@demonic13: A D-cup? A cup smaller than Inaho? It doesn't seem right to me.Thanks for the info, I've already updated the list.
14 hours, 36 minutes ago
Dekken edited their list Universal Breast Ranking - Small Breasts League [68-75] and added 1 new item.
IndexUniversal Breast Ranking - Giant Breasts League [100-???]Universal Breast Ranking - Huge Breasts League [92-99]Universal Breast Ranking - Large Breasts League [84-91]Universal Breast Ranking - Medium Breasts League [76-83]Universal Breast Ranking - Small Breasts League [68-75]Universal Breast Ranking - Flat Chest League [??-67]NotesTriviaPending[1].
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@takashichea: I'll do it.Erza and this armor are beautiful, but when I read this in the manga, the chapter was so bad that I had to drop the series for some time.
17 hours, 32 minutes ago
Sarasvati and Akame:
18 hours, 1 minute ago
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@takashichea: Actually, I made a profile portrait using this image, but I forgot to upload it right away, here it is:Rebecca (Anime Portrait)
18 hours, 16 minutes ago
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Screenshots with subtitles are not allowed in the wiki, I'll remove this.
1 day, 1 hour ago
Dekken replied to the topic The Ecchi Club on the Ecchi board.
@takashichea: Nice posters! Thanks for sharing.Akame looks really cool.
1 day, 14 hours ago
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1 day, 17 hours ago
@takashichea: For me Bulat seems like the strong and talented "big brother" that you can always rely on, maybe that's the reason.
2 days, 13 hours ago
Match 1: All JokersMatch 2: Hellsing Organization
2 days, 14 hours ago
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