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Top 10 most epic manga/anime people

There awesome  
1 is the lowest they can go 10 being the highest

1. Kenshin Himura

Yep so bad its good which is why hes right here

2. Mugen

i was unsteady of picking another swordsmen but with his wolverine style attitude gets him a spot above kenshin

3. Kazuma

How cool is he preety cool his arm is and his powers are fierce no joke

4. Kikyou

Shes awesome so awesome not even kazuma can out rank her

5. Vegeta

His epicness is over 9000

6. Piccolo

He will beat u to death

7. Yuki Nagato

Nagato is probably the coolest girl in a manga or anime ive seen

8. XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero

Burning finger

9. Cell

Behold the king of kings hes here for one reason above everyone else they we talks and does his buiness

10. Kenshiro

Big boy hes the most epic of all of them hes the best h2h master in manga or comics hes so cool he makes everyone else here look like

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