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My TOP 15 Favorite Anime and Manga

This is not in order

1. Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya is great soap opera like story and cosmic battles for greece also its cool that each character has some kind of trait that makes them well them

2. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

FMA Brotherhood was so much fun to watch the thing that stands out is this anime or manga is the part of a millitary corruption on such a massive scale

3. Durarara!!

headless riders black russians russian assasins switch blade toting information brokers demon swords and ONE BAD ASS DUDE all in 1 city and it takes place in the same world as Baccano! which kicks even more ass

4. K-On!

This is a very fun watch so happy quick pace and plus epic rock band

5. Case Closed

Awesome collection of mysteries solved by Conan aka Jimmy kudo plus i love detective stuff

6. Soul Eater

I like the Manga version and Black Star is my fav character this concept was weird but it is so good and filled with halloween vibe that makes this a great series

7. Clannad

This story was sweet then very depressing then confusing then happy thats why its cool

8. Death Note

Once again I love detective stuff so this was cool cause i saw the point of the hero and the villan depending on who you view as the good the bad and mello being the ugly

9. Angel Beats!

This was a really weird series but it was worth watching and ut has a really cool concept

10. Baccano!

Gunshots psychos sadistic romance immortals and demons all happen in this bloody bash of gang warfare and missing brothers and a very long train

11. Dragon Ball

The entire Dragon ball series except GT

12. Trigun

Trigun this one of the few westerns I love its so epic and it has a cool a scfi side to and crazy arse gun fights and very likable characters

13. Hellsing

Alucard killing nazis and priest its a very bloody and fun dive in to the supernatural world that is Hellsing

14. Fairy Tail

Epic magical powers and wizard guilds are what make fairy tail great

15. Gurren Lagann


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