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My Fav Anime/Manga Chars! (REAF befro you look at the list)

   Ok note the top person you see is lowest outta my favs the bottom is my fav fav
1. Ryoga Hibiki

He has terrible sense of direction but hes a funny guy that always puts a smile on my face

2. Mina Hayase

Shes sooooooooooooooo Horny but I do like the design and personality of her

3. Gintoki Sakata

He dose his parodies loke no other.

4. Vegeta

He was the first true Badass I saw in my life

5. Light Yagami

Hes a sociopath Light picked up a chip and ate his place to numba 5

6. Killer Bee

Yo Yo whaz up Killa B I like him cause he beat the hell out ouf Sauskes band of Emos with freestyle

7. Nana

Shes so nice with out her in elfen lied I would be surroned by depressed basatards

deathmongeron April 30, 2011 at 11:29 p.m.

Its not done yet
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