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  • Necrodermis - Like all Necrons, Imotekh's body is built from the self-repairing living metal known as Necrodermis. As befits one of his lofty rank, Imotekh's body is of superior craftsmanship and richly adorned, clearly announcing his status and allowing him to repair even the most grievous of wounds in a matter of moments.
  • Staff of the Destroyer - The Staff of the Destroyer is an ancient and ornamental staff weapon similar to a Warscythe, and is not only a symbol of his august rank for Imotekh, but also an unbelievably powerful weapon. Upon the battlefield, it can unleash a searing beam of pan-dimensional energy that can make a mockery of even the most heavily armoured foes. However, there is a small consolation for Imotekh's enemies, as the staff takes a significant amount of time to recharge its power for another blast.
  • Gauntlet of Fire – A Gauntlet of Fire takes the form of an armoured glove and vambrace, whose length crackles and flows with green flame. The gauntlet’s mechanisms are controlled by a series of sub-mechadermal filaments, allowing the wielder a level of control over the gauntlet as fine as that over his own hand. A Gauntlet of Fire is capable of firing a great column of viridian flame, with similar effects to an Imperial Flamer, or can be used on close combat for fiery attacks that are more likely to hit and harm the foe; as well as set them alight for a time.
  • Phase Shifter - Using a form of unknown inter-dimensional science, a Phase Shifter is a Necron defensive device that renders its bearer's form hazy and indistinct, as though they were not completely corporeal. Shots and blows can then pass through his mechanical body, meaning that even the most powerful weapons cannot harm him. This is because a Phase Shifter flickers the very fabric of its bearer into and out of a phased state as they move in between dimensions. If improperly timed, even the most powerful blows and shots aimed at the bearer of a Phase Shifter instead pass through empty air.
  • Phylactery - Often taking on the appearance of a small scarab-sized cylinder, a Phylactery is an inconspicuous charm that is actually a powerful Necron self-repair device. A Phylactery is filled with tiny, spider-like nanoscarabs that will swarm over the Necron bearer’s body and wounds at a command, or if he is severely damaged or destroyed. The nanoscarabs then proceed to reknit tears in his ravaged Necrodermis body; bolstering his own self-repair abilities so that he may continue to fight on again.
  • Sempiternal Weave – A Sempiternal Weave is an advanced form of Necron technology used to augment the Necrodermis bodies of members of Necron royalty. A Sempiternal Weave threads a Necron’s exoskeleton with filaments of phase-hardened amaranthite and adamantium, vastly increasing the body’s hardiness to a level that rivals Astartes Terminator Armour.
  • Bloodswarm Nanoscarabs - Bloodswarm Nanoscarabs are a type of miniaturised Canoptek Scarab that are only used by Imotekh the Stormlord. When released, the chittering tide of a Bloodswarm swirls about the enemy, probing their armour for flaws and then begins to feed, breaking down the victim's armour plating and leaving it vulnerable. A single chink is more than enough for the mechanical scarabs as they burrow into the warm flesh underneath. However, these Bloodswarm Nanoscarabs have an additional purpose. The blood of the victims they spill in excess proves more than enough to attract packs of Flayed Ones, who quickly finish off whatever resistance is left.
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can anybody give me suggestion a good manga to read?

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BoBoiBoy is a Malaysian animated series produced by Animonsta Studios, centers around a boy who has superpower and able to separate into three. With his friends, Ying, Yaya, Gopal and Fang, they fight to protect the earth from alien threats to conquer the Earth to hunt down for cocoa beans.

BoBoiBoy series published in HDTV format, and is scheduled to broadcast over TV3 began on 13 March 2011, and on Disney Channel Asia from 18 June 2011.

BoBoiBoy is the first product of Animonsta Studios, an animation company established by Nizam Razak with three other partners (Safwan Abdul Karim, Anas Abdul Aziz and Kee Yong Pin). The four were originally employed by Les' Copaque Production, a company first founded by Nizam and Safwan, and are famous for the animation series Upin & Ipin and film Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula, directed by Nizam. Animonsta operated in MAC3, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) content developer incubation facility located in Cyberjaya and has since moved their studio at the SME Technopreneur Center in the middle of 2012.

The original concept of BoBoiBoy story centers around an coffee-addict alien named Adu Du that has made his way to Earth. A minor change was made later, where instead of coffee, the alien is now in search of cocoa. The change, according to BoBoiBoy Facebook fan page was due to the fact that coffee is a bitter-tasting drink, and does not appeal well to children.

The series was released simultaneously in two languages, Malay version and English version for the local international market, respectively. Both versions fully utilizes the different voice actors. In the Malay version, the original voice actor for Upin & Ipin, Nur Fathiah Diaz, was invited to voice the main character, BoBoiBoy.

The first season of BoBoiBoy was aired on Sunday, 13 March 2011 at 7:00 pm. The episode started when the main character, BoBoiBoy went to Tok Aba (BoBoiBoy's grandfather) home in Pulau Rintis during school holidays. On the same time, Adu Du, an alien from planet of Atata Tiga came to Earth, searching for energy resources. He found out that there was a powerful energy - cocoa, which was extinct on his planet 30,000 years ago. Adu Du wanted to conquer all the cocoa for himself, so that he could be a hero for his planet. In order to make sure his plan succeed, he got help from the Power Sphere (Ochobot). However, Ochobot gave power to BoBoiBoy and his new friends, Ying, Yaya and Gopal.

For the first season there are 13 slots with every slot consisting of two episodes. This make total of 26 episodes all together. Each episode lasts for 11 minutes. Because of popularity of this animation, Animonsta Studios agreed to air an additional episode named "Extended Finale" on 1 January 2012.

The second season of BoBoiBoy was aired on Sunday, 27 May 2012 at 7:00 pm. In this season, BoBoiBoy move to Pulau Rintis to unite with Tok Aba, Gopal, Ying and Yaya. The story in this season mainly centers around BoBoiBoy and his friends at Sekolah Rendah Pulau Rintis. BoBoiBoy meets new challenger, Fang at his new school.

Fang or Mystery Boy was first introduced in Season 1 on "Extended Finale" (Episode 26 with addition of a few minutes of scene on BoBoiBoy leaving Pulau Rintis).

The third season of BoBoiBoy will be premiering on September 2013. Not much known about this season, but it is simply that Ejo Jo will be the main villain in this season, replacing Adu Du as main antagonist of the first and second season of BoBoiBoy.

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