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Had some problems today; they were two fold as opposed to my normal absent minded nature problems.

I frequently get the inclination to watch new anime, after reading baskets of manga sauce suddenly the idea of watching a show is like .. ooh, that sounds easy. Oh my god, I get it so wrong, it's like somehow the subs become impossible to read, I can't follow the story, everything is wrong, I can find something better to do, it's all boring.

That's my first problem and it was in full effect today, I started off watching the end of Steins Gate again to see if it was still funny to me and after five minutes I was so disinterested I made breakfast.

Then I went for some Shaman King given that I have just finished Ultimo and was able to get through the whole first episode, which was awesome! I really enjoyed the style and I have never seen anything like that before despite the fact I really notice how the style affected so much of what we see in the really new anime at the moment. I then got stuck staring at the Opening OVA and then repeating in on youtube, then wondering if it was worth watching the whole thing, leading to wanting to read it first. Which is where this loop started.

So I decide to go way off track and try out some Sket Dance, which almost loaded up but my laptop durped (probably because I had been queueing it for ages.) so just as I was about to dive into episode 40 and jsut try desperately to hang on, I was bitterly disappointed.

Finally for no reason I decided to try and pick up Ouran again which was an unmitigated disaster, seriously, I'm at episode 4 but I want to watch the movie, I literally can never tell what the bejezus is meant to be going on in that show.

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