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Things I love in an Anime

Before I start; some things I don't like.

Slice of Life/ My Mother watches Eastenders.

Standard Romance/ Kissy Hearts and Swooning are a no.

Overly Brash Heroes/ I like speed characters.

Science Fiction Themes/ Prefer fantasty.

1. Paranormal Romance

Weird messed up feelings are always good.

2. Tokyo

Yeah well.

3. Orihime Inoue


6. Navy Ships

Otherwise you can get wet/

7. Transmutation Circle
8. Pretty Cure Seed
9. Digimental of Friendship
10. Longcoat
11. Gawain
12. Energon Saber
13. Evolution Stones
14. Avalon
15. Ball and Chain
16. Tokyo Universtiy Study Guide

c'os there are girls there ..

17. Sukiyaki


18. Millennium Eye
19. Guyver Unit
20. Mordred


21. Pumpkin


22. Sode no Shirayuki

As long as it can turn back into a demon weasel.

23. Rule Breaker
25. Phoenix
26. Tsurugi

... and for cooking.

28. Tenseiga
29. Three Colored Pills
30. King's Key


31. The Wired
32. Potara Earrings
33. Magatama
34. The Book of Eibon
35. Buu's Cocoon
36. Akatsuki
37. Keyblade
38. Book of Darkness
39. Hades (Gun)
40. Silence Glaive
41. Sun Chi Lantern
42. Miracle Light
43. OZ-02MD Virgo
44. Lotus Twister
45. Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths


46. Cassiopeia
47. The Osiris

wow you are allowed the animatrix

48. Infinite Armour
49. Yamato
50. Odette II
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