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I'm finally taking a crack at the social media marketing world. So ... how can my existing RP characters and Vice account help? #postcards
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Battles » Goku(Dragonball Z)VS Apocalypse(Marvel)

*shakes head*

Cobwebs. Surely the defining factor here is the location? Given that they are fighting on Earth, over Earth as it were, it poses quite a few problems and makes for an interesting battle. Maybe I'm misinterpreting bloodlust. I think Goku would have to go as far as destroying the Earth to kill Apocalypse and I think Apocalpyse is deceitful and clever enough to trap Goku using his family.

Raw power, fist fight, Goku wins for sure, Apocalypse is way too proud.

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RPG » DeeCee's Profile

Delaney Cyrus-Morouni

  • Height: 5'10
  • Weight: 207 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair colour: Dirty Blonde/Auburn
  • Aliases: DeeCee, Saifar.
  • Occupation: Self Employed Inventor, Doctor; Graduated from Warwick University, Potion Master trained under Mother Aleinia and owner of Mr.Misakis Magical Maladies.
  • Hobbies: Animal training, cooking, listening to music and entertaining.
  • Appearance: Usually wearing a long tan coat over a white shirt, khakis and a pair of loafers. Winter equals a beanie hat and scarf. He keeps his hair no longer than the back of his neck. Some people say he has wild eyes.


Naturally calm with an agile and inventive mind Lain is well like by his customers and peers in the scientific community. Dalliances with magic have mostly ended badly leaving him with a sceptical view of most spokem forms of arcane wisdom, he prefers the physical dimensions. Working for years with his Mother, after his Father died at the tender age of five, he learned how to use the growing world around him to enhance his own natural abilities. Mostly the focus of his childhood was making enough money to survive, as such he helped his Mother gather and make potions and medicinces for the people of his small hometown making him quite humble by nature.

He comes across as laxadaisical or even lazy at times, mostly because he stays far from war and conflict, but when the time calls for him to protect himself or his business he can.

He doesn't consider himself to be super human and isn't chasing power, as he sees it, the powers he holds should be for everyone to use and understand. People's ignorance is a constant hinderance.


As stated, raised by his Mother as a sort of tribal doctor for a small community in Rural England, Lain was home schooled. His Father died out at sea at such a young age he could scarcely remember, his Mother had boyfriends from year to year but nothing stuck. Everything was pretty normal until he was sixteen.

He wished to go to school and study the curriculum with other children his age, but his Mother forbade it and was forced to tell him about what he was capable of. This led him to accept his fate but he began to study darker and more potent magicks, by Eighteen he had been exiled from home for setting somebodies dog on fire.

Despite this he went to university and studied modern medicine, formulating and continuing his own studies in private but using the extensive research equipment available in Higher Education. This is where he began to invent new forumlae, combinbing magic and natural remedies to make the body a more efficient vessel for channeling energy. Ultimately by his second year he was at a block that required a human test subject, which would be impossible not too mention abhorrent to a Sociologist, the data could so easily be contaminated. So he set about using potions on himself and managed to achieve many amazing feats, control of the weather, flaming body parts, temporary blindness and incoporeality to name a few. The issue remained he could not control any of these for a long period of time or maintain their effects, too much seemed relevant to replacing cells in the blood stream with what were like white cell conductors that could gather and hold in certain neutrinos and release them over time. It was tiresome work and he barely made his Doctorate by the time he had managed to achieve any worthwhile goals.

As soon as he finished University he stopped experimenting, testing, on himself and went home. Now almost out of business his Mother welcomed him home and he was able to transform not just the business but also the township with his amazing blending skills. His Mother however fell ill, not being able to make anything to save her was not the problem, she refused to allow him. This was to destroy his hopeful, wistless nature, Lain became dark and obsessed with stopping war at any cost. He began to design darker and darker machines.

As of now he maintains the shop easily enough opening occasionaly and at agreed times, whilst travelling around learning more about the nature of the beings that walk this strange planet.

Abilities and Tools

  • BioGen Powered Scooter - Pretty simple design really and an easy way of getting around. Can only get about 4 metres off the ground at a serious push and tops out around 40 mph. The fuel is hand-made by Lain and not only safe, but outputs a form of self oxygenating carbon molecules that catalyse in sunlight
  • Healing Potions - Lain has a whole heap of different ways to fix people up, most disease or poison based attacks are going to have little effect as he put himself through a lot. He can't regrow body parts in a sinch, but over time, its possible but dangerous. And floppy. As for energy, adrenaline, vitamins and such he can keep himself in pretty top condition during a fight.

Invisibility - There are two powers he can maintain for a short period of time; this is one of them. The potion he takes is called Caelum de Sactum, Shield of Heaven, it turns your skin into a reflective mesh that synthesises colours, maps to sunlight and shadow, makes you basically look like a weird glob on right in someones eye. It can only last for ten to twenty minutes before it starts to become permanent and it has a hard toll on the digestive system unless you have the conductors infused with your blood.

Flight/Weightlessness - Flying is not possible but the potion here is a simple blend of certain illegal substances, painkillers, inhibitors and a handy brewing trick that makes it affect the body on a molecular level. Lain simply calls it, Float, its effect is to make the atoms in your body reverberate (shake) faster than normal giving the effect that the weight can move more easily. Lain has a hand made paraglider in a stretched kidney shape that he pull tight and fly up with, then float down, its very effective off of the scooter. But expensive.


Pet - Shyro - An old friend who's unfortunately been turned into a sort of warped three foot long furry dragon, Lain takes it as his responsibility to fix him (or at least look after him) as much as is possible. They have a form of communication with a microphone attached to Shryro's larynx and an earpiece, though it tends to get a bit heated at times.

Link: http://www.animevice.com/profile/aliceshiro/

Mr.Misakis Magical Maladies:

The shop he owns, his Mother owned before him, is situated in Long Island, New York. It sits atop a skyscraper looking up Lady Liberties skirt. There's a pod where he lives with himself, everything else is a covered garden with a shed where he keeps all the important equipment. Home from home, very few people actually know where this place is due to some very clever plants growing on the exterior.

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General Discussion » The AlphaVictorians Cast Judgment on 2011.

I am currently not listenting to the podcasts because, I am so excited about them, I'm waiting 'till I've moved house so I can enjoy them properly.

Pleae keep doing them.


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Neon Genesis Evangelion » Are There Plans to Finish the Manga?

There have been a lot of spin offs since they stopped doing the original mangas, so I don't know .. the story is sort of all over the place.

I've read some of them and its worth checking them out, if you just want to stay immersed, as it were.

Most of them are listed on the site here under the wiki.

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Artist Show-Off » Haseo's art

Kinda looks like kagome with a slightly more exciting plaid miniskirt xD

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Evangelion: Death and Rebirth » Something this movie does that some Franchises need.

I saw this before I ever even knew EVA was a series or a manga.

I read Gakuen last year and worked my way through the Evangelion Manga, so now I've pretty much nommed everything related to Evangelion.

This has just made watching this movie more and more fun, even when you've seen all of the episodes, and read them, it's great to see them smooshed together for this finale and to me, it never seems overworked or rushed.

A lot of people seem to be totally drawn away from everything else in this movie by the weird ending so my question is; what's your favourite part of the film?

I personally love the music room scenes and the way their worked in, I always sort of, breathe a sigh of relief and sit back when they come in.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion » Queries and Questions about the Evas

Not to even start mentioning casting.


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RPG » Teku



I liek mudkips too tho'.

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Just Manga » Getting Started

I actually found High School of the Dead ... gripping .. thats good.

Gakuen Alice I would like to check out, as I hear so much goodness.

MDP I have never even heard of but I like dark psychotic comiz xXD

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