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I'm finally taking a crack at the social media marketing world. So ... how can my existing RP characters and Vice account help? #postcards
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RPG » Teku

"... riiighht."

Well something here wasn't right, oh well.

"Well I'm not really much for killing, sadly, to be honest it's boredom that's brought me here. What I'm good at doing is helping, and thats what I'd like to do. What I bring to your team I don't know, Trish, as you can't tell me anything about it. What I do though, is make and sell potions, so at the very least I was hoping to find a new avenue for business."

He crunched the lolipop and started chewing on the plastic.

"The names Misaki, of Misakis Magical Maladies, at your service."

And he bowed, rising slowly.

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RPG » Teku

He tongued the lolipop enjoying the sweetness, then let his gaze turn upwards.

"Such an illustrious and well known group .. I mean .. you have to ask?"

Maybe he was taking this a little light heartedly.

"I don't wish for much, lady, understand that. I don't wish to join your little club, if I had wishes, I'd just wish for world peace and leave it at that. The reason that I want to be part of your team is I don't really think this whole single life is doing my karma any favours, I've become a little self centered, too cold and I'm here hoping I can maybe find some other things to do that might help me .."


".. re-address that balance."

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RPG » Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill


Understood. Do you like potato salad?

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RPG » Teku

"Well thats a pretty Hollywood answer for a real life Secret Organisation that doesn't really exist .." he said, leaning up against the locked door.


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Battles » Alucard VS Hellboy, Scorpion and Ghost Rider


Well .. I am a massive MK fan and I have completed almost all the older titles, up to Deception and Deadly Alliance, asides from seeing all the movies, TV series and the whole of the cartoon series. So I'll throw in my two cents.

Scorpion's various 'versions' if you like are I think, mostly relevant to his employer or his current alignment. Maybe I was a little, quick, to suggest that Scorpion just wouldn't play well with others. I always just find he comes off as sort of a loner. My main contention with this argument is it seems to be based on in game movies, which is uh, about ten years after Ed Boon created him and had already made two movies and a TV series involving the character. Not to be insulting, I don't think they give a full picture.

The best I can keep up with it, Scorpion and Sub Zero were brothers in arms essentially leading (or at least representing) the Lin Kuei, somewhere down the line Subby sort of killed Scorpion for some sort of ninja code reason. Scorpion made some deal with a sorcerer (take your pick, Shao, Quan and the Sorcerer can all re-animate) to come back and kill Sub Zero. Which doesn't make him immortal or a walking skeleton, just to make that clear, it makes him a re-animated soul.

Then (as is my speculation) he goes on to live for a long time and his body decomposes because he decides to live in Hell Realm, again, important to point out that he doesn't live in Neather Realm. He lives in hell, alone.

Hence my contention that I don't think he would like Hellboy or Ghost Rider very much, he would see them as some weirdos from Earth Realm and probably just go home to draw angry pictures of Sub Zero.

As I've not seen that much of Hellsing (GASPOMG) I can't say how he'd do with Alucard, but I like Alucard, so maybe I am bias.

In closing, Alucard wins, because he has a badass hat and the fight took place at high noon?

*runs away*

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Off-Topic » Hi Im new and goodbye thread

*bowage* Thankyou Director-san. Much appreciated, very happy to have signed up.

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Pokémon » Planning

Stuff to take

  • Potions
  • Food
  • Tent/Sleeping Bag/Fire making materials
  • Gigas
  • Notepad.

And I would be really scared of Ninjask or Venomoth, giant owl eyes or scary ninja mask creature. Ungood, ungood to the max.

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RPG » DeeCee's Profile

OOC: Thankyou for the compliments! xD

He checked the stopclock, 480 seconds to spare.

Sitting back Lain laced his hands behind his head and surveyed the board ahead of him, his opponents front line scattered and disconnected, scouts mired in forays, artillery and assassin in plain view and clearly accounted for. In Chess though when the sense of disquiet plays over you one has to take leave to understand the why.

It wasn't just nonchalant cigar smirk and a wry smile, the patent holding place of a poker players tells, there was a quiet confidence that might just tell tale of a trap. Or maybe it was just experience that kept Mr.Huylen on a lofty perch just above where all could see.

No point in dalliance, the presence of youth, all that rattling around made Lain push on so he pushed on with his knights rook down the left flank and clocked off.

Mr.Huylen was adorned as always in New Yorks finest hobo attire, leather flatcap, worn jacket, stubble but as he surveyed the board he looked every part the genius all street poets claim to be. Stabbing back with one of only two safe Queens positions. This lead me to tighten the noose cutting down an angle with my right side bishop. His left side regrouped halfway up the board to prevent me marauding, I countered with my king.

"Four hundred eighty seconds eh?", he said and as Lain looked he up he was shocked to see cold grey eyes locked onto his.

"We used to call that three minutes, Sonny", and his rook charged through down the middle after a long forgotten castling maneouver.

Lain didn't look away, "Well in my game, Old Timer, we have to live for the moment", I started to move in for the kill. No more than ten moves, it was a particularly subtle kill, pawn suffocation would eradicate his last hope after his queen fell to a roving forgotten Knight.

Mr. Huylens looked at the clock and smiled as his time went live, exactly four minutes, weird. Off came the hat.

"So you say nice to meet you, sit at the table, Buck, get your game face on. Thinking about your girl maybe, if you fucking had one Lainey, probably rummaging through old files in your mind looking for a better balance. Knowing you. You're lost by the time you turn the timer to me for my first turn, run past the post looking for the beaver and winding up firing blanks at bears. You're gonna wind up wondering when I'll let you look down, and by the time you do, you'll be convinced I have to be lying. You know that I know ringing any bells Junior? No?"

His time wracked features etched deeper into his skin. Lain checked his phone noncholantly before returning his full attention to Mr.Huylen.

"All that technology can't save you-"

"Didn't say it could", interjecting and taking a quick refresher from his flask, then offering some to his opponent who gladly accepted.

"Can't save your graces, not now, your gonna have to just accept-"

The clock had wound down a minute.

"- that you've lost".

And with that he moved his Queen straight into checkmate at Kings north west corner. Delaney was quick to let his Lord and Master fall to the ground with his dignity shattered, but pride in tact, then pulled out a tied bundle from his satchel.

"So that makes it two, and you owe me a cigar, right?"

Mr. Jake Huylens pulled out two tinctures for digestion and respiration, no tonics, active mind but he did take a nice six pack of what DeeCee was selling as New York Yearning; a liter beer. He didn't like the heal all, for some reason, likened it to Aspirin, which was basically Xanax which was all bad to a jew like him. For some reason. They had been playing for 35% of the price, which was already discounted. This was not a journey for business.

The advantage of Delaney Morouni's rarified profession was, it gave him leave to live his life pretty much however he wished. Pretty much everybody wanted something, he could make anything. If he tried hard enough. Mr.Huylens was happy enough with his purchase, he left the two fifty sitting in the middle of the board as he took his coat.

"Guess I didn't take the respect yet, still, huh Mister Huylens?", he mused then leaning back in his chair again.

There wasn't a vocalised answer, he just lit his cigar, then walked off into the smoke.

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RPG » Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill

Brings fresh coleslaw, potato salad and spare pots out of satchel

o_o y u no food Sonata?

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Off-Topic » Hi Im new and goodbye thread

HI, Im new too.


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Battles » Alucard VS Hellboy, Scorpion and Ghost Rider

I appreciate the love for Ghost Rider here. I really do.

I think the problem would be from the 'team' not 'teaming' very well, Ghostrider might just get along with Hellboy at a stretch but Scorpion? He'd blatantly end up trying to kill Hellboy, leaving Ghostrider and Hellboy vs Scorpion and Alucard which then, would be a good fight. The other issue you never know how Hellboy is going to react to holy artifacts or nether-realm itself.

Does this just leave Goku vs Ghost Rider as the only other good fight? xDD

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RPG » Teku

He laughed a little too hard and tapped his headphones. 
"Oh it was probably just these." 
He put the vase back down. 
"So are you the leader of this musicless organisation?", he asked, not pressing by keeping eye contact but instead walking off away from her towards a large double door. 
"I only ask because this really is a beautiful place .. you know .."  
Now he looked stupid, the door was, apparently, locked. He turned bashfully pulling on the peak of his cap.
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General Discussion » Is the D gray man manga worth reading?

I would say read deeper into it and realise it could of gone off the deep end into religious BS and then it would be too much like Evangelion. I think it treads a fine tightrope and Keikkashi pretty much keeps it afloat the whole time, its totally my thing. 
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Just Anime » Who is the most badass anime character?

Akutabi Gamma - Daddy Baws   
Akutabi Gamma - Daddy Baws   
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RPG » Saitire's Bio

o_o this super hi tech huh? Very very cool @Saitire_Lefleur
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RPG » Teku

Affecting a tourist slant, touching various expensive looking things. 
"Well .. I guess nostalgia, interest, boredom? Maybe. Maybe nothing, I was just passing by and I heard the music ..." he trailed off looking for the source of it, ".. seemed kind of cool so I figured I'd come see what was 'occuring'." 
Fascinated he was very aware to tread carefully, lack of malice was actually more often than not linked to homocidal tendencies these days.  
"So what stuff? It's not all that gang assasination, drinking and gambling stuff is it? Not that I care .. just interested .." 
Drifting off again he let his words fail whilst he started examining a particularly nice vase.
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RPG » Teku

@Kimiko_Cronos Hi there! 
Sooo you guys do stuff here huh? Cool. 
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RPG » DeeCee's Profile

A few short stories about Mr.Misaki's Magical Maladies

Lain rifled through his satchel one last time. Goggles; check. Spare empty bottles; check. Invoice and receipts;

check. Three cure-alls and a spirit stone for the fire, should rack about $500. You probably think thats cheap

seeing as you can't get this stuff in stores, but the mark up he put on is standard western economy including

delivery. There are of course, more .. exclusive items.

There was a special bottle inside his coat on a custom built holster that bolstered a two chambered plastic and

rubber bottle, with three refills. He also had spare ingredients to make more in the satchel, there is no stressing

how important this stuff can be. Float, his first concerto, was a blend of malleable neutrinos with honed nutrients

(hyper active sucrose) then a healthy underkick of adrenalin to get it into his bloodstream. The tiny sonic emitors

already drifting around inside then react to the stimulant automatically causing such a drastic, but minuscule, force on

the body's cells ones weight appears diminished to the point you weigh as much as helium on a subatomic level. The

other was Caelum de Sanctum, his overture, not yet perfect but still effective to half a meter distance was a much

subtler blend of photosynthetic pigmented layers that flush to the skin (by a crafty body temp control suit) to

create at first layers of colour to blend into the background. Then the tricky part, using the reaction to the sun by the

photosynthoids it was possible to attach mirrors that inversely reflect the sun in huge proportions. Sort of like

shining a huge watch at someone whilst you stand in a blue suit in front of a blue screen. The only other space was

for his wallet and some business cards, more about that later. He squirted roughly 0.5mg of both Sanctum and Float

into his mouth and took a hit of water from a flask.

The parachute he used looked like a weird silver scard attached to two harnesses, so it could be worn under his

jacket which has zips up the shoulders and down the back that can rip back when released. As not to waste time he

turned up the heat in the climate suit and launched the glide wing, pulling back on the handles he shot upwards and

the supports dug into the chute making it taught as he ascended. Evened out. Then slowly started scything downwards,

the kidney shaped material was able to achieve a similar affect to the Sanctum to camouflage him but nowhere near as effective, most

people just figured he was a rich nut or something, out skydiving for teambuilding maybe.

See the thing here is, I should point out, parking in the city is expensive and Lain isn't a bad or unreasonable

guy. At all. But his scooter was hidden on a corner of central park to avoid fines and it wouldn't be going anywhere with the clamp on

and no fuel anyway. He landed. Fuel and water went together, for some reason, in a slung over converted water pouch. With two

compartments, much like his potion bottle. The hover scooter glugged two litres of BioGen (the term he had affectionately given the

fuel) and hummed into life, hovering a foot or two from the ground so he could step on. The theory here is that if you weigh very little

and use a very good fuel, a relatively simple machine will get you places very quickly, less friction. This time, 5mg of Float. The

scooter had its own emitter that basically made it look like it was on the ground going really fast sp no Sanctum. Ok it's a

projection of some wheels basically, underneath it, nothing too fancy, just enough to not get arrested.

Drop today was for Sandra Rotetsku, a second genner from China town, apparently. I got the impression it was a stage

name as her daughter had been dubbed Madeira Wisteria and was an aspiring singer/songwriter (waitress) at a singing

karaoke diner downtown. Sadly she would be at work. Ah, but such is life.

He hummed down North Boulvd. casually avoiding traffic and dotting up onto the pavement occasionally, it wasn't far

to High Rise Heights, a nice plaza on 82nd that sounded better than it was. Putz probably put a disclaimer on the

name from India before he even came to the city himself. Nonetheless, left down Washington and three blocks down

flying past black iron railings and rusty fire escapes, every part the picture we make it but it does give leave to

think about what makes places so iconic and so easy going. Life is hard here; in reality. Most people don't make it

and those of them that do give hope to others by making light of the rest of rhe bad stuff.

Maybe it'd be better for more people to get their hands dirtier on the street instead of the stock market.


He could see Sandra a mile away, out on the carpet under the promenade with a cup of tea, happily gawping at the kid valet on duty. Naturally most people would think Lain was out to do something illegal the way he dressed and acted but truth is he got to be so well known by people around that nobody ever really asked the questions he didn't want to answer. Baller handshakes a go.

"Love your ride man .. always .. you repainted again?", Valets name was Oscar as per gold nametag with maroon trim, a half nod suffices.

"So I have your things, three cure alls in disposable and a new spirit stone, I didn't scent it ..", handing her the bag, she checks the glow on the stone to see it hadn't been charred or cracked already, it was being sold as brand new. You make it in the god damned fire any- anyway and she took a dabble of thin pink liquid, He couldn't not smile as colour flooded her face, her eyes turned to Oscar.

"Five hundred, do you want anything on order now for next month?"

She righted herself and fixed on Lain, "Actually yes", she said handing him the money, "I wanted to ask if you had an elixir for my cat, she's terribly old and getting rather frail but I can't stand the idea of a new animus at home .. is there any way?".

Yawn. Hard work and uncertainty, I'd need a diagnostic on the cat, time, to actually care.

"Yes, I can do one with no guarantees for $150 as long as it's with the usual repeat."

"No guarantees. Fine, thankyou Laney, I'll see you"

"On the 11th, at 10am. Easy".

A hug, we're not cold people round here. He has to wipe a little of Oscars imaginary drool of the scooter as he pulls Iscars drooping jaw off it, in seconds he's waving back trying not to overcook the bike as weight seeps back in. The climate suit works using magnets so it was easy to put reverse polarity receivers, or grabbers, on the seat of the bike for when the body is destabilised. Anyway, slow was good as the three blocks back up to North drifted by, theres a dope pretzel stand on the corner for breakfast too. Everything is fresh OJ and salt beef for ten minutes, listening to Joy Jones with my hat pulled down too, good days are good. Good mornings are better. Kipped up and ready to get home, no point in wasting good juice, the journey meanders itself back to Reisman Square.

Scoot happily put to bed for a nap, Lain looked towards the building he lived and worked from, The Alpman Building, 46 stories of offices, filled with litigators, stock brokers and internet marketing advisors. The trick here was simple, take a little Sanctum, wait for the sun to pop its early morning eyes out over the skyline and go on through, quickly and straight past security to the lifts, which go to the top floor. Only a few people up and down for coffee as market opens up for its jog. Then to the door up, which ironically is still totally theirs, all that needed to be done was to copy one key. Not that hard if you can be virtually invisible. There was more security, of Delaney's own design which obviously wouldn't trigger so with relative ease he pushed the steel door to the roof, gasping in air and sunlight as Sanctums evil double edge grabbed his heart and lungs for a second, a quick slug of water managed to pass the clotting though.

All thoughts of cures and desperate ploys were sent asunder by Shyro landing right in front of him kicking up a big old puff of fresh grass seeds and dry soil, lovely. Home was home and there wasn't much to do before the next delivery.

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Battles » Raikage (Naruto) vs Stein (Soul Eater)

I was just reading all the way down to see if anyone had already said that. People never take tactical nouse into account damnit!

But also I am a massive Stein mark so .. yeh .. bias.

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Just Anime » First v.s. Last Anime you watched.

First: Dragonball Z

Boring but yeah, it was on TV, at the same time as Pokemon.

Last: Steins Gate

This makes me seem behind the times right? I enjoyed it, I thought it was really inventive and actually funny. Would recommend and I need to rewatch it for the subtleties.

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