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I'm finally taking a crack at the social media marketing world. So ... how can my existing RP characters and Vice account help? #postcards
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RPG » Teku

Delaney looked at Mercury, who stared back with imperceptible emotion. Weird little thing, he thought. At these times it's hard to even know what thoughts are your own. Still eating he walked over to look at some of the Fauna; great blue veins pumped chrysalis coloured liquids into various pores of one specimen with leaf-span of maybe a metre five. Give or take. Luscious pinks and rare blues sprouted and drew the gaze around, in all manner of ways that seemed roughly inhumane to Lain. Well, im-plant-mane maybe.

"Other than the being cooped up in here forever, I kind of like this place", he was now openly fondling the leaf tracing back thoughts of carniverous fern, "I take these guys aren't for me to take back to show and tell?"

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RPG » Teku


"Is there anything that grows?"

He said dribbling some vinaigrette onto his nice tan overcoat which was, by then, hanging half off his left shoulder.

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Battles » Charles Xavier (Marvel's XMEN) vs Dr.Gero (DBZ)

Is it bad that I started this and am not commenting? I'm sorry ^_^ I'm not very authoritative about XMEN persay, thats why I put this up and I've already learned loads I didn't know.

I only meant the XMEN, but I had no idea of the other organisations he was a part of and I don't wanna get flamed, I think thats not the point.

But to summarise; I think its safe to say that if Gero and XMEN lived in the same world, much catastrophe could ensue and it would totally depend on quite small differences as per the win

HOWEVER; we still didn't really deal with the main TOPIC of the THREAD that is GERO VS XAVIER, I just wonder if Charlie could stop Gero from getting close enough to rip his head off?

I'm just imagining Gero in like, a hobo suit with a dodgy gait sneaking up on him, people in the Marvel Universe don't tend to be able to randomly jump about at the speed of sound as standard so he might be caught unawares, because maybe the fact Geros' brain is in suspended animation might affect how Xavier can use his power?

*runs away again*

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RPG » Teku

"Sorry if I seem like I'm talking to myself", he said bashfully.

"I'm certainly interested in learning more, so what is there, some sort of entry exam?"

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RPG » Teku

Totally engrossed, he couldn't stop staring at the little 'bot. Obviously he'd never seen anything like it.

"He's sort of .. human?", he was struggling here to not just forget his situation and play with the 'alien. When he did take a split second to look up Trish was surveying him pretty closely, part of his mind was engaged worrying about the fact it might try and kill him at any moment. Mentions of death squads and assassins made him uncomfortable, almost as uncomfortable as Science. In it's entirety.

It looked as though she was smiling though, I suppose she was surprised but this wasn't strange, most living things seemed to have some sort of affinity with him. In his 26 years he had failed to understand why.

"I'm confused Trish, you said that this was an Alien, but I might have a place here as a scientist? Surely this kind of thing totally precludes most of what the modern world knows as science", he smiled back, "And besides that, I don't think even I could design something that acted as organically as Mercury here."

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General Discussion » Known discussion: Who is tobi?

Okie dokie. Conspiracy theory Naruto *rubs hands.*

Youjimbo makes a really good reasoned argument for his theories, but I don't think Kishi has a reputation for making things even vaguely obvious. Like with the Obito thing, he just sort of hung it out there (IMHO) to show that he has everyone so on the edge right now he could say it was anyone and we'd all jump on. There was never any way it could of been Obito, as the timeline states. (I bet it somehow does some sort of time travel arc now and I look stupid. lol. )

I could see it being Sasuke's dad. You know, one of the only really unexplored elements of the whole manga right now is just how poweful Genjutsu can be, now that we know how imporant the Uchiha clan is to the whole history of the Shinobi world I find it hard to accept that they were all just suddenly killed and there hasn't been any real going back over it, other than Itachi trying to reach out to Sasuke and Tobi sort of, re-distorting the story if you like. I appreciate I'm not supporting my idea, it just makes thematic sense to me.

Other than that? I think there could easily be a whole huge trail off into the rinnegan, its creation and how it came to be lost then found again. It's a big part of the story that isn't explored, mostly though, I just think it's really exciting.

Honestly I have no idea ^-^s


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Battles » Ashitaka (Princes Mononoke) vs Sora (Naruto)






Ashitaka doesn't have Yakul.

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Battles » Charles Xavier (Marvel's XMEN) vs Dr.Gero (DBZ)

Fair play.

To be totally fair in RL discussions I'm usually the guy sitting there just arguing that Xavier would basically be God, thanks for the comments! :)

I'll be clearer next time.

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Battles » Charles Xavier (Marvel's XMEN) vs Dr.Gero (DBZ)

ReiKai with the slay, damn, knowledge is so powerful xD

When I said even I was unclear, obviously, because if the teams were even it would be a draw /*runs into a wall.

I meant even in terms of numbers, mostly to avoid arguments about how many Xmen it would take to take on the Androids.

Like; if Xavier had Wolvie to protect him, would that help?

But then what if Gero had Cell.

I couldn't really call it in my head, hence the post.

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RPG » Teku

Terror gripped 'Misaki', for some reason he had expected something more organic.

"Well hey", he said, sort of addressing it like a dog and hunkering down to a squat, "Sorry if I was aloof earlier. My name isn't really Misaki."

The little thing didn't come to him so he walked over to the now couple, a little er, scared, to be honest then offered his hand.

"It's Delaney, Delaney Cyrus-Morouni, most people who know me call me Lain or Lainey. Misaki was my Father's middle name, it's just, a defense mechanism I guess". Amazingly he found himself awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

"Sorry if I'm talking over you .. that .. thing .."

Calmed down.

"He's really cool, does he say Hello?"

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Off-Topic » What's Going Through you Mind Right Now?

Why do people who rap over drum and bass think they're cool ...

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RPG » Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill

Uses phone to search 'Jewels Sake Bar' whilst hiding in corner.

".. oh god, its going to take me forever to get through all this. What the hell even is!?"

Said Lain, nomming more salad and wondering if he should take his headphones out.

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RPG » Teku


"Well I have a secret .. I'm kind of an alien myself."

She almost reacted, that calm exterior wasn't just icy, it was Rick Stein chocolate cake cold.

"I'm not actually a born New Yorker, I started out in rural Wiltshire, which if you don't know, is about as far away from modern civilisations as you can. I hadn't even seen a corndog until my twentieth birthday. So yeah .. what was the question?"

He put his hand up to stop her answering.

"I think I have to be honest here, little green men, no, I don't. Technology and abilities beyond the realm of common understanding, I just don't believe in it, I know its possible."

Damn it, caught smiling again.

"You're not gonna' anal probe me are you?"

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Battles » Charles Xavier (Marvel's XMEN) vs Dr.Gero (DBZ)

Charles Xavier


In Character

WIth prep time and associated teams.

Xavier would obviously have access to Cerebro.

Must be even teams; it can be assumed Gero can collate data on the X-Men.

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RPG » Teku

He looked up fast.

"Risk my life?!"

With a mouthful of sandwich, which he finished.

"Not at all, I figured it was monks or something and you'd just done that thing where you say you don't want them showing your location probably" feigned laughter, "Risk my life?"

Now a deep cleansing breath.

"You said scientist ambassador, not spy assasin .. I mean .. geez, I come from New York hun', the end of this conversation is I get back on my scooter and go home. It's just I'm a good guy, is all, and if I can be a better one I'm always all for that. So if theres some sort of paid work I can do for your Organisation I would love to take the details and take that on. As I say I'm all happy to help and I want to make the world a better place but right now I feel like you're about to pull a gun on me and ask me to empty my pockets.."

It seemed like she wasn't going to stop him going on.

".. which I would be pretty much powerless to stop you doing. So if you do have some sort of science division, I would love to see it, or I can get on my way before my welcome runs out."

Then shoved his hands in his pockets.

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RPG » Teku

Inwardly, Delaney was pretty freaked out but luckily he kept his peak so low that even if his eyes showed it wouldn't be obvious to the Lady. Apart from his swagger, as he called it, he didn't really have any- enough paranoia.

"Well thats awesome, I can't even start to think when I'm this hungy", he pulled out a ciabbata with prosciutto and mozzorella, rocket leafs if you must know, home made french dressing, "This place isn't exactly on Main you know? I get that you're probably a bit edgy."

He looked up, she wasn't paying attention, she just lit a cigarette with her hand. She probably didn't get edgy.

"Or wondering why I came here. thing is, there's a plant that grows out here and I use google earth, a lot, to find some of the rarer ingredients I need for work. I came out for this particular strain of ivy that has an amazing rate of photsynthesis, its not essential but I like to use the best." Nom.

With his mouth full he ploughed on, "And I couldn't help notice this weird .. sort of .. un-natural gap where there should be, well something. Anyway, I thought I'd come check it out", he waved his iPhone out from his pocket, "And I found some stuff about a secret club so I figured I'd take a shot."

Absent mindedly he checked his messages for orders.

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Battles » could any regular pokemon match the marvel series

It all depends on the trainer really, the thing is, Spidey would have no real reason to fight the pokemon IMHO.

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Off-Topic » What Are You Listening Too?

^ xDD

Im listening to Joy Jones Sunlight with a Deidre Wilson tabac chaser.

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Just Manga » Getting Started

Well, it's basically Day of the Dead with High School students from Japan. If you've seen any of the advertising of the anime, its's actually quite different to that.

I like it because it pays homages to a lot of different zombie movies and each volume is actually almost its own seperate story just using the same characters, cool fights, lots of zombies and lots of fan service. It's also a little less deep than some manga, D.Gray and Soul Eater are boss but it's a big commitment to read them all the way but HoTD is less than 16 volumes.

People say its gratuitous, I actually think its about looking at anything APART from the enormous boobies and girls with no regard for western morality. As I say, I really enjoyed it.

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RPG » Teku

He beamed.

"Can you think about it whilst I eat?"

And dropped his satchel.

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