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I've Edited the OP so it would be more fair...

You got 7 super powers...... these are your powers-

• Super Strenght

(strong enough to push/burst Mars)

• Super Speed

(You can run faster than a light)

• The Power of laughter

(You are able to make anybody laugh with anything you say)

• Dancing Power

(You are able to make your opponent dance and you will have total control of them)

• Fire Manipulation

(You are able to manipulate fire hot as a Supernova)

• Able to talk to animals

(You are able to talk to any animal that you want)

• Ice Manipulation

(you can manipulate Ice.. it can only go to -10,000 degree)

these are the fighters I have in list (you are only allow to choose these characters)

• Broly at LSSJ
• Pre-crisis Superman
• Doomsday
• Goku at SSJ3
• World War Hulk
• Vegeta at SSJ2
• Buuhan
• Barragan Luisenbarn at his release (Bleach)

so who would you fight and why??

you have 1 hour prep to think for a strategy. (except with WW Hulk or Doomsday)

Your durability- you can tank 3 Solar System burst attacks...

Rules- Doomsday cannot come back if dead, Buuhan cannot absorb or use food beam, WW Hulk Cannot regenerate. NO FTL SPEED AGAINST WW HULK & DOOMSDAY SPEED WILL BE EQUALIZED.

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