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Top 20 favorite good characters

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1. Yoshimori Sumimura

Yoshimori is just awesome. The guy is insane hax. Besides his hax, he is a great pastry chef and has an amazing character development. He is also very hilarious and not bright. He has a crush on Tokine.

2. Black Star

Yahoo! Black Star is a total badass. The guy is funny, strong, powerful and a fighting genius. He took a nuketo his organs and was able to stand and fight with a broken back and arm in the moon!

3. Kenpachi Zaraki

This dude is the real deal. He cut a effin' meteor in half while still restrained. I imagine if he goes Bankai and takes off the eye patch..end of the world haha.

4. Gohan

Never get Gohan in his bad side or else he will destroy you... Gohan has always been my favorite hero of all time.. Gohan has pride for his family and always keeps a promise.. and has a ton of potential, enough to surpass his father who was training for 7 years straight in a few days.

5. Homura Akemi

Homura becamed my favorite magical girl after learning more of her and her story. Her powers are so cool! Time powers FTW! Lastly, she looks like Mai Minakami from Nichijou haha.

6. Masamori Sumimura

Masamori easily became one of my favorite kekkaishi character from the moment he was shown. In the manga the dude is amazing. Sure his anime counter part is great bit is nothing to his manga version.

7. Goku

Goku the savior of his Universe, always carries a smile, he never says no to a fight, loves to train hard and to fight stronger opponents.. and the best of all he doesn't even OWN A BOOK!!!

8. Vash

Vash is freaken EPIC!! he is mega smart and is a badass with guns.. and his personality is just great.

9. Future Trunks

Mirai Torankusu is just bad ass!!! his life was hell. Good thing he became strong so he could defend his alter time.

10. Arale Norimaki

Arale made me laugh a lot! She is extremly powerful. One punch of her will send you flying to the sun!

11. Vegeta

Vegeta the "Prince of all Saiyans" has one goal in his life "defeat and surpass Kakarot (Goku)" and doesn't backs down from a challange. Also he loves going shopping. jaja.

12. Roy Mustang

Roy is just to awesome.... his flame alchemy makes him the strongest alchemist of all (except on rainy days).. his attitude is somewhat interesting.

13. Gen Shishio

Gen was an awesome character... also Werewolves are EPIC... I think it was awesome that Yoshi made a copy of him out of his own selfishness.

14. Edward Elric

Edward a gifted alchemist that violated the laws of alchemy. Edward is just and awesome character and different from other main protagonist...

15. Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Wolfwood was great. He was Epic... he was a great gunman.. and his Punisher was EPIC!!

16. Kazuya Shibuya

The ghost hunter and owner of SPR is a total badass. He is amazing at solving mysteries. Naru has PK abilities or supernatural powers in other words. If he uses them, he can pass out and get tired.

17. Kagura Mikazuchi

Ever since she defeated Yukino (nothing against Yukino she is really awesome too), she became my favorite female in Fairy Tail. She is so epic in my opinion.

18. Jellal Fernandes

Jellal is a very powerful mage..the strongest in Earthland IMO. The guy has multiple arts and can learn and master others in no time.

19. Ling Yao

Ling Yao is really cool and funny... he is one my favorite FMA characters.. He is a great swordsman.. he's is so great the he is the only one that has gave Wrath a good challenge.

20. Yukio Okumura

Yukio is a very smart guy. He is cool in Ao No Exorcist but the reason he is here is because of his spin off manga "Salaryman Futsumashi Okumura Yukio no Aishuu"

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