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Hello this is DBZ_universe! or you can just call me Caesar!

I will be answering some questions that were given to me by Takashichea. This are the questions he asked me and others.

I also change the questions a bit too.

  • How did you got into anime/manga?

How did I got into anime? It was 1997 and I was in Mexico at the time visiting family. It was one night I believe year 1999 when i got into anime thanks to Dragon Ball Z, tho at first I just thought of it like an awesome cartoon and had no idea what was anime. Later months I got into Pokemon but that was like 2 months only because when I was a kid my Mom's family would tell me not to watch it since it was from the devil and Pokémon merchandise I had was burned by them same with my Dragon Ball stuff. A year later we moved out to the United States. in 2001 I got into Digimon! later in 2003 I found out about YuGiOh due to their TCG and up till this day I collect them. Around that time I also got into Yu Yu Hakusho and others that were on Toonami and Saturday morning if I recall correctly but at the same time I still kept Dragon Ball Z as my favorite. 1 year later in 2006 I stopped anime because of friends but then got into Comics in 2008 but I really didn't enjoyed it that much like I did with Dragon Ball Z. in 2009 I got back to anime and thanks to Dragon Ball Z. I also got into Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood then I decided to go for other animes and explore more such as One Piece, Fairy Tail, Trigun, Kekkaishi and so on. A few months later I took a break from anime and decided to read manga instead since it caught my attention way more than anime and up till that point I read more manga than I watch anime.

That is a little story on how I got into anime even tho it isn't interesting at all haha, Anime Vice also helped a lot due to the battle forum. I spend most of my tine in the battle forum. Thanks to that I haven't left anime nor manga.

How did you view anime and fans who love anime?

How? I guess the same way I view anime as well. I actually view an anime fan with a good expression since were I come from it is rare to find an anime fan.

  • Relating to an article (Why is Anime Invisible in Britain) I found, did you think anime make it back to mainstream?

Well by reading the Article it looks like they don't really broadcast anime much in the UK. I think anime will make it back mainstream over at the UK, specially with great new anime titles too. Internet plays a huge part here because of it, anime fans can watch any anime show and not miss it. I hope this makes sense.

  • Have you been to an anime convention? How was it?

I haven't actually and I really hope to go to conventions later on. I really want to go to one badly! I want to cosplay as Alphonse Elric since that would be a very cool outfit to wear in a convention.

  • What is your buying experience like for anime and manga? Do you do it publicly or online?

I buy both publicly a online depending on the price but publicly the most.

  • What are your views on Japanese culture?

Very wonderful culture. I actually like the language and names, I recently went to a multiple culture event in some park and I went to visit the Japanese stands and they wrote my name and my Dog's name in Japanese then I bought this cool cat necklace.

I would like to travel to Japan one of this days and tour around.

  • Is anime popular in the United States?

It is actually. USA has a lot of anime fans and is very popular even in the comic book community. Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Bleach and Naruto are big in USA.

  • What anime should have aired in United Staes, mainstream TV or online?

They should air Dragon Ball and other classics to bring back some nostalgic moments for a lot of fans. New anime as well would be awesome! especially with the awesome artwork which would look amazing in HD televisions. We should have an anime channel where only anime is aired and that would be better than waiting 1 week to watch anime on a Saturday night. For online, well anybody can watch any anime since that is the way is done most of the time now.

This is my answers and I really hope it was good and not boring haha.

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YO! and Welcome♥
YO! and Welcome♥

Hello Bleach fans out there! There has been many fan fics about Bleach couples and well, I would like to present to you with a special thread me and Takashichea thought would be an excellent idea for those who likes fan fic.

This is the rules!

  • Post comments of who you like as a couple.
  • Post pictures, Gifs, and videos if you like.
  • You can argue on who you like the best and why.
  • Please be nice.
  • Have fun.

This is some amazing pictures I thought it would be great to share.

Ichigo ♥ Inoue
Ichigo ♥ Inoue
Ichigo ♥ Rukia
Ichigo ♥ Rukia
Renji ♥ Rukia
Renji ♥ Rukia
Hitsugaya ♥ Hinamori
Hitsugaya ♥ Hinamori
Rangiku ♥ Gin (canon btw lol)
Rangiku ♥ Gin (canon btw lol)

So who are your favorite couples in Bleach and why?

Also if you like Fairy Tail this is a great thread to also discuss Fairy Tail couples. Fairy Tail: Love Triangle Universe Edition created by Takashichea.

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I've Edited the OP so it would be more fair...

You got 7 super powers...... these are your powers-

• Super Strenght

(strong enough to push/burst Mars)

• Super Speed

(You can run faster than a light)

• The Power of laughter

(You are able to make anybody laugh with anything you say)

• Dancing Power

(You are able to make your opponent dance and you will have total control of them)

• Fire Manipulation

(You are able to manipulate fire hot as a Supernova)

• Able to talk to animals

(You are able to talk to any animal that you want)

• Ice Manipulation

(you can manipulate Ice.. it can only go to -10,000 degree)

these are the fighters I have in list (you are only allow to choose these characters)

• Broly at LSSJ
• Pre-crisis Superman
• Doomsday
• Goku at SSJ3
• World War Hulk
• Vegeta at SSJ2
• Buuhan
• Barragan Luisenbarn at his release (Bleach)

so who would you fight and why??

you have 1 hour prep to think for a strategy. (except with WW Hulk or Doomsday)

Your durability- you can tank 3 Solar System burst attacks...

Rules- Doomsday cannot come back if dead, Buuhan cannot absorb or use food beam, WW Hulk Cannot regenerate. NO FTL SPEED AGAINST WW HULK & DOOMSDAY SPEED WILL BE EQUALIZED.

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 I've seen posts where they ask you what are your favorite anime shows, characters, hereos, villians, ect... but i've havent seen one of videogames so i decided to post this thread!!!!  So what are your top 3 favorite "anime videogames"? and you must include pictures (if you want) thanks!!!  
mines are... 
DragonBall Z Infinite World (remastered)
DragonBall Z Infinite World (remastered)

Dragonball Z Budokai 3
Dragonball Z Budokai 3
Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
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