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No worries.....I will only use 1% of my power.
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@takashichea: The manga is really intense. They are fighting the illuminati. Thats all am gonna say.Tai also reads it.
24 minutes ago
@takashichea: I have not watch SE Not anime. only the manga.The Yukio spin off explains Yukio's worst days. He accidentally brought a hentai manga to class and it also shows many trivia of him we do not know.
1 hour, 12 minutes ago
@takashichea: Ao No Exorcist anime, manga and Yukio spin off manga are all great.I think the Yukio spin off manga is by far the best.
2 hours, 11 minutes ago
@takashichea: When I get home I can get you a manga cover...either way the light novel cover is very similar to the manga too. So is no problem.@taichokage: Yup! Look at Toriko or One Piece. This why I also have not watched Fairy Tail at all.FMAB had great quality tho.
2 hours, 21 minutes ago
@Destinyheroknight: You forgot Pokemon Adventures in your list! Actually I still need to catch up.
2 hours, 34 minutes ago
@taichokage: I only follow animes that are short. The reason is because they tend to have amazing animation. Psycho Pass is one.
2 hours, 36 minutes ago
No worries.....I will only use 1% of my power.
2 hours, 51 minutes ago
@takashichea: Would you like manga cover or light novel?
3 hours, 4 minutes ago
@takashichea: Add Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry to the list. Is a new manga/light Novel of 2014. I can add the characters and work on their bio.
3 hours, 15 minutes ago
DBZ_universe replied to the topic Team Ed vs Team Aang on the Battles board.
@Whats_out_the_bag: It would be hard to doge a CM attack if you are producing lightining. He could blow up the bottom. Only Ozai would dodge since he can flyyy lol
3 hours, 19 minutes ago
DBZ_universe replied to the topic Tournament Ideas on the Off-Topic board.
We should have a pokemon x/y tournament. I think I should create one.
6 hours, 18 minutes ago
DBZ_universe replied to the topic Wikipedia or a Wiki website ? on the Off-Topic board.
@Alpha_Watcher_3000: You could had just edit your original post. Creating a new one was not necessary.Also it would be best to visit a wiki that focuses on that title you are looking for.
6 hours, 20 minutes ago
@taichokage: Prime Thug has money. He can hire some thugs like Galactus and Thanos to do his work.
6 hours, 24 minutes ago
DBZ_universe replied to the topic Team Ed vs Team Aang on the Battles board.
@Whats_out_the_bag: Ha I guess you changed my mind. All of that is true.But he was spamming his blasts pretty quick. Alzo lighting attacks take time. He would blast the bender by them.Still you proved me wrong.
6 hours, 30 minutes ago
DBZ_universe replied to the topic Joke Battle: Goku vs Luis Suarez on the Battles board.
@GeneralVan: Yes they are. Zlatan headbutt was multi planet level yet the Italian player suvived the hit.That headbutt can reflect a FP Kameha.
13 hours, 19 minutes ago
@takashichea: Ha, I am more of a manga fan. It's rare when I watch anime. Unless is comedy.
13 hours, 31 minutes ago
DBZ_universe replied to the topic Morrigan Aensland vs Sailor Moon on the Battles board.
That picture of Morrigan is telling ne to vote for her....so I will.
13 hours, 34 minutes ago
This are the mangas I am currently reading and trying to catch up. There are still a few I forgot to list.GunjouTouhou Suzunaan - Forbidden ScrolleryNichijouBastardKuroganeTorikoShinryaku Ika MusumeKill Me BabyUnbreakable Machine DollPlug in GirlSoul Eater NotToaru Majutsu No IndexCarnaval GlareK-onKamikami KaeshiRiko to Haru to Onsen to IrukaYuru YuriChaos HeadKarnevalRakudai Kishi no Cavalry (reading the light novel as well)I did not listed the mangas I am caught up on tho.As for ...
14 hours, 8 minutes ago
@takashichea: That is what I was talking about the whole time.....not battle feats or fan calcs (which I hate).Sorry if I was not clear from the start.
14 hours, 11 minutes ago
@takashichea: Battle feats, yes they should be kept out of the wiki I accept. But abilities of a character no.Like SSJ for an example. It would be important to add that in a wiki page.Also yes, calcs should stay out for sure. I don't accept them at all so I agree on you on that too. Battle feats should stay out and calcs should not even be mentioned. I was ...
14 hours, 27 minutes ago
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takashichea 1 hour, 35 minutes ago
I think I take off the Stardust Crusaders off the community spotlight report. I write the summaries less detailed than One Piece and Fairy Tail for some reason. It's like Toriko. Not much to add besides powers and manga differences.
Bigheart711 8 hours, 13 minutes ago
Will be here later today for more editing. Really don't want to get my grades bodied like last summer.
Sonata 20 hours, 3 minutes ago
Two more days it will be my birthday. Oh...boy getting older lol
taichokage 1 day, 1 hour ago
Been a bit tired lately. But my activity in the wiki and otherwise will pick up shortly.
Destinyheroknight 1 day, 1 hour ago
Need to find more time to edit the wiki, I so far back on it
SpeedForceSpider 3 days, 20 hours ago
King of Heroes~
IndridCold 1 week ago
R.I.P. Toriko :(
Aleasha 1 week, 1 day ago
Lots of changes in RL and so have not been around and still working on changes about to move but ill be around more soon.
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