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Have you ever though, WHATS THE BEST ANIME/MANGA OUT THERE?! well,
i guess it all depends on the person watching it and what they like, ecchi,love,action, school life, and all that
SO HELP i wanna know the best anime/mangas in each catagorie(sorry for the spelling, never have been good at it :L)
Why? I just want to know some new animes :) I like animes like ao no exocise, death note, bleach, oran high school, wall flower, naruto(kinda)  and TOOONNNS more,
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Naruto, one of the best animes so far, when u ask people what anime they have watched, naruto is always in their hmm... so... why is it soo gd ? cuz of the ninjas? sooo sooo many eps and filler -_- rather read the manga... what do you think guys? should naruto just die or other characters be axed off? if so.. which ones? :) i really wanna know cuz i have been asking my self wayy to much
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Now... i think mostly every one has the same problem, WHAT SHOULD I WRITE ABOUT?! well.. it is an anime site so.... stuff to do with animeeee :D yaaaayy or.... maybe just talking about ur day :L l hmmm all the things i could write and no one would no... BWHAHHAAH i like <3
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