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The I can't believe I haven't done this already list!
In no particular order, just a really long list of Transformers and related characters.
1. Rampage

While the Beast Wars one was cool, as shown here, for the purposes of my list I'm referring to the original G1 Predacon Rampage.

2. Divebomb
3. Headstrong
4. Blast Off
5. Brawl
6. Swindle
7. Onslaught
8. Vortex
9. Bruticus
10. Bombshell
11. Kickback
12. Shrapnel
13. Cloudraker
14. Fastlane
15. Pounce
16. Wingspan
17. Punch & Counterpunch
18. Dr. Arkeville
19. Jetfire

Although there is a G1 Jetfire image in the gallery, it's beyond me why it's not the profile image!

20. Omega Supreme
21. Sharkticons
22. Sky Lynx
23. Unicron
24. Warpath
25. Wheeljack
26. Runabout
27. Runamuck
28. Freeway
29. Searchlight
30. Chase
31. Rollbar
32. Wide Load
33. Overkill
34. Slugfest
35. Tornedron
36. Primacron
37. Primon
38. Prima
39. Nova Prime
40. Guardian Prime
41. Zeta Prime
42. Sentinel Prime
43. Cerebros
44. Lancer
45. Beta
46. Greenlight
47. Vector Sigma
EganTheVile1on Dec. 29, 2010 at 5:48 p.m.
Awesome, totally recommending this list! Heck I added most of those pages! Keep checking the TF franchise page as it has been and still is a huge project filling out that portion of the sites wiki and I am constantly adding new characters!
EganTheVile1on Dec. 29, 2010 at 6 p.m.
Though I will say, most of these pages cover all continuities so you have to stop obsessing on G1 images LOL, Did swap out Scourge's for you though, I like the G1 version most too
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